The Sustainable Difference: Energy and Environment to Achieve the MDGs


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The Sustainable Difference - Energy and Environment to Achieve the MDGs

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UNDP Report


Conceptualization and Team Leader - Iyad Abumoghli – Energy and Environment Practice Manager

Writing Team - Iyad Abumoghli, Bethany Donithorn, Noha Aboueldahab

Research Interns - Charles Berckmann, Amanda Bergqvist,Olga Borysovska Jamie Brandi, Enver Fitch, Reis Lopez Rello, James Rose,Victoria Taylor

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The sourcebook, “The Sustainable Difference”: Energy and Environment to Achieve the MDGs,documents UNDP’s efforts on the ground to support more than 140 countries in integrating energy and environmental issues into their national development plans, poverty reduction strategies, and other key policy and institutional fora.

Contained in this volume is an expanded section of 142 country profiles summarizing key environmental challenges in each of the countries in which UNDP operates, and providing an overview of ongoing UNDP-supported energy and environment programmes and projects and their impacts. These country profiles are followed by data tables presenting the most up-to-date environmental indicators available for each country from UNDP’s Human Development Report 2005 as well as information on the status of international environmental agreements and conventions, including signatories and ratification.

“The Sustainable Difference” is more than just a compendium of programmes in countries supported by UNDP. It is a demonstration of the critically important role played by energy and natural resources and systems in meeting human aspirations and eradicating poverty. It is also, I believe, an eloquent testament to the depth and breadth of UNDP’s engagement with issues of energy and environment, and our efforts to create and sustain partnerships that support developing countries,poor people and poor communities in building their capacity to integrate energy and environmental considerations into their development decisionmaking.“ Partnership” is really a key term.The extent, impact and sustainability of our efforts fundamentally depends on our ability to work closely with others, especially national governments, but also other members of the UN family, the private sector and civil society organisations.


Chapter 1 - Africa
Chapter 2 - Arab States
Chapter 3 - Asia
Chapter 4 - Europe
Chapter 5 - Latin America


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