Transboundary River Management Phase II for the Kura River Basin - Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan


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Project Title

Transboundary River Management Phase II for the Kura River Basin - Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan


Focus Areas

Geographic Scope

Lead Organization(s)

Financed by the EC and implemented by a consortium led by Eptisa

Project Partners

From the European Commission
  • Armenia European Union Delegation
  • Georgia European Union Delegation
  • Azerbaijan European Union Delegation
  • The European Commission Neighborhood Policy
  • European Commission Neighborhood Policy on Armenia
  • European Commission Neighborhood Policy on Georgia
  • European Commission Neighborhood Policy on Azerbaijan
  • The Common Strategy for Implementing the EU Water Framework Directive & the Floods Directive
  • European Environment Agency

Multilateral Agencies in the Region



June 2008 - December 2010 (30 months)


Under implementation

Project website(s)


Anatoly Pichugin



Long-term project objective

To improve water quality in the Kura-Araks Basin through transboundary cooperation and implementation of the integrated water resources management approach.

Project Purposes

Support the establishment of transboundary monitoring and information management systems to improve transboundary cooperation in the Kura River basin; and enhance capacities of environmental authorities and monitoring establishments engaged in long-term integrated water resources management in the Kura River basin.

The key areas of effort are the five main project components as follows:

  • Component 1: Assessments and Surveys
  • Component 2: Monitoring
  • Component 3: Management Information and Methodology
  • Component 4: Institutional Capacity and Training
  • Component 5: Public Engagement and Civil Society

Expected Outcomes

The outputs from this project will come from the combined efforts of the key and non-key experts and the beneficiaries. The intended outputs have been discussed and agreed with the project partners during the inception phase:

  • Available data collected, reviews carried out and the gaps in the knowledge base determined
  • Joint field surveys carried out in the selected pilot areas to address data shortfalls and improve transboundary cooperation
  • Joint monitoring programmes designed and agreed with the beneficiaries
  • Assistance provided to the national water quality monitoring establishments where appropriate to help to address the key concerns
  • A computerised common GIS databases established to facilitate the information management and data exchange between the project countries
  • Draft catchment (sub-catchment) river basin management plans (RBMP), including basin description, risk and pressure-impact assessment, water quality and ‘hot spots’ maps and a tentative programme of measures, put together for the selected pilot basins using the IWRM/EU WFD methodology
  • A proposal developed for improvements in the data structures, formats and information flows to facilitate decision making in the integrated water resources management
  • Proposals developed for the future international projects to help to address priority issues in IMRM in the project countries
  • EU Study Tour for the beneficiaries’ staff from the project countries
  • Increased public awareness regarding the priority transboundary water issues in the Kura River basin

Achievements: Results and Impact

Lessons for Replication


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Project Website


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