Transfer of environmentally sound technology in Bosnia and Herzegovina Danube river basin


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Transfer of environmentally sound technology in Bosnia and Herzegovina Danube river basin


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Ministry of Physical Planning and Environment, Center for environmental sustainable development (CESD)


USD 457,650 (incl. 13 % programme support costs)


25 months


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non (see also under Danube-TEST)




Under the UNDP/GEF Pollution Reduction Programme major manufacturing enterprises of concern (known as hot spots) within the Danube River Basin - a significant number of these are contributing to transboundary pollution in the form of nutrients and/or persistent organic pollutants - have been identified; also in Bosnia and Herzegovina territories. Bosnian enterprises face challenges of responding to the environmental objectives of the Danube River Protection Convention (DRPC) and to the environmental pressure from the nearby EU market, while undergoing a radical change process.

The objective of this project is to build national capacities in existing Bosnian cleaner production institutions to apply the UNIDO TEST integrated approach for the transfer of environmentally sound technology (TEST). The project aims at replicating the successful experience of the Danube-TEST project in five other Danubian countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria). It will focus on bringing selected demonstration enterprises (Hot Spots) into compliance with environmental norms of the Danube River Protection Convention while at the same time taking into account their needs to remain competitive.

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