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  1. African Water Development Report 2006
  2. A Snapshot of Drinking Water and Sanitation in Africa
  3. Gender Disaggregated Data on Water and Sanitation
  4. Transboundary Waters:Sharing Benefits, Sharing Responsibilities
  5. Coping with Water Scarcity:Challenge of the 21st Century
  6. Climate Change Adaptation: The Pivotal Role of Water
  7. Regional Water Intelligence Report on Central Asia
  8. UN-Water Global Annual Assessment of Drinking Water and Sanitation (GLAAS) 2010
  9. Gender, Water and Sanitation
  10. UN-Water Global Annual Assessment of Drinking Water and Sanitation 2008
  11. Global Water Supply and Sanitation 2000 Report
  12. Meeting the MDG Drinking Water and Sanitation Target: A Mid-Term Assessment of Progress
  13. Water For Life:Making It Happen
  14. Progress in Drinking Water and Sanitation: A special focus on Sanitation
  15. Updating the International Water Events Database
  16. Climate Changes, Water Security and Possible Remedies for the Middle East
  17. Roadmapping for Advancing Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Processes
  18. Status Report on IWRM for CSD16
  19. Meeting the MDG Drinking Water and Sanitation Targets: The Urban and Rural Challenge of the Decade
  20. Alternative Dispute Resolution Approaches and their Application
  21. State-of-the-Art Report on Systems Analysis Methods for Resolution of Conflicts in Water Resources Management
  22. The Protection of Water Facilities under International Law
  23. Water security and peace - A synthesis of studies prepared under the PCCP-Water for Peace process
  24. Institutions for International Freshwater Management
  25. Groundwater in international law Compilation of treaties and other legal instruments
  26. History and Future of Shared Water Resources
  27. UN-Water Work Programme 2008-2009
  28. 1st United Nations World Water Development Report 'Water for People, Water for Life'
  29. UN World Water Development Report
  30. UN-Water: Water Monitoring - Mapping Existing Global Systems & Initiatives (Aug 2006)
  31. Coping with Water Scarcity - A strategic issue and priority for system-wide action



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