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Established in 2003, UN-Water is an entity composed of the United Nations (UN) agencies and organizations engaged in work related to water and sanitation. Its goals are to provide an efficient, coherent and proactive mechanism for coordinating the work of UN system agencies and programmes in these areas and to contribute substantially to the achievement of global water- and sanitation-related targets and goals. UN-Water’s efforts give emphasis to the targets and goals articulated through the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) arising from the United Nations General Assembly Millennium Summit in 2000 and the Johannesburg Programme of Implementation (JPOI) from the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD). UN-Water complements and adds value to existing UN programmes and projects by facilitating synergies and joint efforts among the implementing agencies. In doing so, UNWater seeks to:

1. improve the coherence in UN system actions at all levels, and in particular at the country level;
2. contribute to the global policy debate on waterrelated issues through active participation in global policy fora and events and through the production of assessments and policy reports for informed decisionmaking;
3. contribute to increased knowledge on water-related issues through relevant monitoring and reporting systems, and serve as an entry point for water-related indicators, data and information;
4. identify emerging issues related to global water challenges and provide a platform for UN system strategic discussions on how to prepare for and cope with them more effectively; and
5. increase the capacity among stakeholders through the provision of relevant information and policy advice, available through the extensive experience among UNWater members and partners.

The expected outcome is improved system-wide coordinated actions and coherence, as well as increased effectiveness in the support to member countries in their efforts towards achieving time-bound goals, targets and actions in the water sector. UN-Water also has a specific responsibility to act in response to the call to the United Nations General Assembly to deliver a coordinated response to the International Decade for Action “Water for Life”, 2005–2015. The goal of the Decade – to place a greater focus on water-related issues at all levels – concurs with UN-Water’s terms of reference.

Two newly established UN-Water programmes are directly linked to the Decade, to provide specific support for its implementation. UN-Water has also identified a number of central themes for the “Water for Life” Decade: scarcity, access to sanitation and health, water and gender, capacity building, financing, valuation, integrated water resources management, transboundary water challenges, environment and biodiversity, disaster prevention, food and agriculture, pollution, energy, and Africa: a region for priority action. Specific International Years are also declared within the context of the Decade; 2008 has been designated as the International Year of Sanitation.

UN-Water is currently undergoing positive changes. A strengthened management structure is now in place, with the addition of two newly staffed posts: a Chief Technical Adviser, intended to provide support to the Chair, and an Assistant to the Secretariat. This has been made possible through donor support to a multi-donor trust fund, which is testament to the renewed and enhanced donor commitment to UN-Water’s role and mandate. Resources made available by the trust fund enable UN-Water to respond to identified needs and emerging substantive focus areas. As a result, UN-Water is evolving into an increasingly proactive platform for dialogue among UN agencies, partners and other stakeholders on water-related issues.


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