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UNDP GoAL WaSH stands for UNDP's programme on Governance, Advocacy and Leadership for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, an initiative to scale up water and sanitation services for the poor.


The GoAL WaSH Programme

GoAL WaSH is part of the UNDP Water and Ocean Governance Programme and is coordinated by the UNDP Water Governance Facility at SIWI in Stockholm. GoAL WaSH targets countries with low water and sanitation coverage, with special attention to fragile and post conflict states. Specifically, GoAL WaSH focuses on:

  • Countries with low water and sanitation coverage;
  • Identifying gaps, needs, constraints and opportunities in national water and sanitation plans, strategies and capacities;
  • Governance reform, leadership and policy advocacy;
  • Incorporation of water and sanitation into national strategies;
  • Close coordination with governments and key development partners active in water and sanitation at country level

GoAL WaSH Countries

GoAL WaSH currently has projects in the following countries:

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Cambodia
  • El Salvador
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Laos
  • Liberia
  • Madagascar
  • Mongolia
  • Niger
  • Paraguay
  • Tajikistan
  • Togo

Links & Resources

GoAL WaSH Phase I Brochure

The new GoAL WaSH Brochure [1]

GoAL WaSH Country Sector Assessments

A number of GoAL WaSH sector assessments have been carried out in several different countries. In many of these countries, the programme now have ongoing projects.

The First Volume of GoAL WaSH Country Sector Assessments was launched in Stockholm at the World Water Week in 2009. This volume was the first in a planned series of national assessments of governance in the water and sanitation sectors in target GoAL WaSH countries.

To read Volume 1, see  Vol1GoALWASHSAFINAL.pdf

The Second Volume of GoAL WaSH Country Sector Assessments was, in turn, launched at the World Water Week 2010, also in Stockholm. This marks the second volume of national assessments of governance in the water and sanitation sectors in various countries.

To read Volume 2, see  Vol2GoALWASHSAFINAL.pdf

To read the final version of the available Sector Assessments in English/French/Spanish/Russian, please click on the links below:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Djibouti


  • El Salvador


  • Madagascar


  • Mali


  • Mongolia


  • Nepal


  • Paraguay


  • Sierra Leone


  • Tajikistan


  • Zambia


Joint Assessments

Joint assessments with UNDP's HRBA to Water Governance Programme in Europe and CIS have also been undertaken in Bosnia and Herzegovina/sector assessment and Tajikistan/sector assessment.

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For more information regarding the GoAL WaSH programme, please contact:

  • Dr. Alejandro Jiménez

Programme Manager, GoAL WaSH


Tel: +46 8 121 360 41

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