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The governance of water has profound impacts on people’s livelihood and their ability to break out from poverty. Achievement of the water and sanitation Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is instrumental to achievement of each of the other MDGs. In a rapidly changing world UNDP’s Water Governance Programme makes a contribution towards strategically impacting developing countries’ water management, use, allocation and the improvement of water supply and sanitation. This will have major implications for reducing poverty by increasing poor people’s livelihood opportunities through economic growth, more healthy populations and environmental sustainability.


Main focus areas

The Water Governance Programme centres on advocacy, policy development and coordination of action from global to local levels. Thematically it focuses on three main areas of support:

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

This area aims to reduce poverty and vulnerability, sustain and enhance livelihoods and protect environmental resources by helping countries to achieve equitable allocation and efficient water resources management through adaptive water governance.

Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS)

This area focuses on helping countries strengthen water governance towards achieving or exceeding the water supply and sanitation MDGs. Special attention is given to local conditions and the needs of poor and marginalized groups.

Regional & global cooperation

This area focuses on enhancing regional and global cooperation, peace, security and socio-economic development through adaptive governance of shared water resources. UNDP helps countries develop and implement multi-country agreements on priority concerns, governance reforms, investments, legal frameworks, institutions and strategic action programmes.

UNDP's services

Within the thematic areas of the Water Governance Programme UNDP’s services include to assist countries to:

Knowledge Management

UNDP is the initiator of WaterWiki, and leading the process of scale-up and continuous upgrading since 2005.

UNDP's Water Project Portfolio

The 20 latest UNDP-projects in the water sector

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