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The United Nations Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia (UNRCCA) has been established in Ashgabat at the initiative of the five Central Asian countries, to identify and address existing threats and potential challenges, to assist in strengthening cooperative security partnerships between the five governments of Central Asia, regional and international organizations. The Centre launched its operations in June 2008.

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United Nations Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia (UNRCCA)

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43, Archabil Shayoly, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Tel: (993 12) 48 16 12 | Fax: (993 12) 48 16 07

E-mail: UNRCCA-DPA@un.org

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During the initial round of consultations between the UNRCCA and senior officials of Central Asian states, the water and energy nexus in Central Asia emerged as one of the main priorities to be addressed in the Region. Despite a number of bilateral and multilateral agreements in this sphere, the current system remains fragmented and compliance to agreements lag behind. There is a clear need to find a long term sustainable solution to this problem taking into consideration interests of all parties concerned. Strengthening dialogue and coordination between all relevant actors becomes therefore critically important.

The UNRCAA Programme of Action for 2009-2011, discussed at the meeting with the Deputy Foreign Ministers of Central Asian states in October 2008, contains inputs and suggestions provided by experts and senior officials from all the countries from the Region. Among the priorities for Central Asia identified in the Programme of Action, high importance is given to the resolution of the water/energy nexus and to the need of developing consensus on the package of solutions to resolve problems arising out of this delicate issue. There is a common understanding on the need for a strong regional regime of exploration and management of water and energy resources with proper consideration of interests of all Central Asian countries.

The UNRCCA is exploring various approaches to contribute to the resolution of this issue. The actions of the Regional Centre in this sphere aim at stimulating a productive exchange of ideas, reducing barriers to constructive dialogue and inspiring effective decisions that help resolving water and energy issues. The Centre feels the need to establish in the Region a clear and common understanding of the causes of the problem and of the processes that may be contributing to its resolution.

In this context the activities of the Centre will focus primarily on facilitating contacts between country representatives, mediating and responding to the different exigencies and requests and providing platform for regular exchanges between all parties involved in discussions on various aspects of water and energy problems. This, in our view, will help finding a negotiated solution acceptable to all the parties.

The Centre is mandated “to maintain contact with regional organizations, encourage their peacemaking efforts and initiatives, and facilitate coordination and information exchange with due regard to their specific mandates”. This places the UNRCCA in a favorable position to facilitate and support a harmonious coordination of international efforts to address the issue of water/energy and promote close cooperation between various stakeholders.

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Regional Conferences, Seminars and Meetings

To facilitate the achievement of the objectives outlined in its Programme of Action, the Centre plans to organize a series of specific activities – such as meetings and seminars – in Central Asian countries. One of these events is the seminar “International Water Law and Negotiation of Mutually Beneficial Multilateral Water Agreements in Central Asia”, organized by the UNRCCA in close cooperation with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The seminar, which will take place on April 19th – 21st in Almaty, Kazakhstan, will be structured in two sessions: the first one focuses on International Water Conventions and Interstate Agreements, and the second one will review best practices in negotiating successful transboundary water agreements. Prominent international experts on International Water Law and negotiating techniques will participate in the event.

Also in the context of this series of activities, on April 17th the UNRCCA is organizing in Almaty a meeting “Enhanced Coordination and Mutual Assistance between Regional and International Organizations on Water and Energy Issues in Central Asia”. The meeting will bring together high-level representatives from key regional and international organizations operating in Central Asia to discuss possible modalities to enhance cooperation in the area of water and energy. We believe that such meetings could become regular in the future.


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