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== Title & Function ==
== Title & Function ==
Volunteer on [[WaterWiki2.0Dev]]
Consultant on [[WaterWiki2.0Dev]]
== Address ==
== Address ==

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Name & Nationality

Katy Norman (United Kingdom)

Title & Function

Consultant on WaterWiki2.0Dev


UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre (Europe & CIS), Grosslingova 35, SK-811-09 Bratislava, Slovakia

Telephone / SKYPE


Background & Experience

I have previously obtained a First Class BSc (Hons) from Bristol University, United Kingdom and have an MSc from UCL, United Kingdom. At present I am located in Bratislava volunteering at UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre. I have experience working on international development projects on the ground in Africa. I have taken part in various environmental initiatives in Namibia, and undertook an 8 week long Water and Sanitation project in Uganda in the summer of 2007. The latter involved providing Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH) education at the local primary school and to the community; constructing a water tank for the school and protecting unprotected water sources in order to improve the quality of drinking water, and subsequently personal health.

Other Remarks

About myself
What water means to me..

Recent activity