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Farhad Mukhtarov  Waterwiki2.jpg


Work address: Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy, Central European University, Nador u. 9, 1051, Budapest, Hungary;

E-mail: farkhadmukhtarov at; and ephmuf01 at

Birth Date: May 15, 1984

Nationality, Citizenship: Azerbaijan


Central European University, Budapest, Hungary Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences and Policy (Sep 2005 - present) (Ph.D. topic: “Integrated Water Resources Management: From International Theory to National Practice”) Academic Supervisor: Dr. Aleh Cherp

Central European University, Budapest, Hungary MSc. in Environmental Sciences and Policy (with distinction); (Sep 2004 – Jul 2005);

Azerbaijan State Economic University, Baku (Sep 2000 - Jun 2004); BSc. in General Economics with specialization in International Economic Relations (with distinction);


European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)/Emerging Markets Group (London) Consultant for Affordability Study of Water Supply Services in Georgia (Sep 2007 - Nov 2007);

UNESCO - International Hydrological Programme (IHP), Paris Expert on Integrated River Basin Management (May 2007 - ongoing);

Turkish Republic Prime-Ministry Office, Ankara South-Eastern Anatolia Project Administration (GAP) Intern and Researcher in the Department of International Relations (March 2007);

Central European University, Dept. of Environmental Sciences and Policy Teaching Assistant for the MSc. courses in Water Resources and GIS/Modeling (Sep 2005 – Sep 2006);

Azerbaijan State Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Melioration Consultant Assistant for the WB project “Rehabilitation of the Kura river’s mouth part” (Nov 2002 – Jun 2004;

== LANGUAGES: == Russian (native), English (fluent); Azerbaijani (second native); Turkish (close to fluency); French (read and understand);


MS Office (proficient), STELLA (good), SPSS (good), ArcView (good), Map-viewer (good); Internet (good.


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3. Mukhtarov, F.G. 2007. Integrated Water Resources Management: History of Ideas and Practice From a Global Perspective. Proceedings of the International Water Historians’ Association’s 5th biannual International Conference; Tampere, Finland, 13 – 18 June, 2007. Published on the CD. IWHA.ppt

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New Institutional Economics

The presentation delivered at the Departmental Methodological Seminar on January 26, 2005.