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Name & Nationality

Gerardo de Luzenberger

Title & Function

Owner of Genius Loci - a change facilitation company. Born and living in Italy, Gerardo has been a group facilitator since 1995. He works mainly for municipalities, research centres, local development agencies, helping groups and partnerships to find their way in planning and developing their projects – from urban regeneration to environmental programmes, from welfare to local development issues.

He is one of the founders of the Scuola Superiore di Facilitazione, the first initiative aiming at disseminating the culture of group facilitation in Italy. He also runs on regular basis training on group facilitation for different Universities and training centres.

web sites


Office: c/o LIB - Laboratorio Innovazione Breda

Via Venezia 23, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni - Milano

Telephone / SKYPE

Phone: +39 02 24126646

Mobile: +39 3293281343

Skype: gerardodeluz


Background & Experience

Gerardo has a degree in economics and a master in business administration. He has been working for several years in a science center Città della Scienza, being in the beginning responsible for the european project developed by the local development department and later responsible of marketing activities in the same science center. Since 2001 he works on his own as facilitator and trainer. He is one of the founder of Scuola Superiore di facilitazione, the first initiative in Italy aiming at offering training programmes for project managers, moderators and facilitators.

Other Remarks

Gerardo is administrating the italian pages of Open Space World, the wikis of the CoP of open space pratictioners. Gerardo has two little babies, Anna and Pietro. He loves music and cinema.