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WaterWiki is my passion!
WaterWiki is my passion!

Name & Nationality

Mr. Juerg Staudenmann (Switzerland)

Title & Function

Water Governance Advisor, RBEC Water Governance CoP Facilitator


UNDP Bratislava Regional Center, Europe & CIS, Grösslingova 35, SK-811 09 Bratislava - Slovakia


+421-2 59 337 250




Background & Experience

  • Water Governance Advisor for Europe & CIS, working in Energy & Environment Practice in the Regional Centre in Bratislava. His work comprises development and implementation of regional water-related projects, support to Country Offices for national policy and programme development, knowledge management, and strategic partnership and resource mobilization.
  • I started in UNDP in spring 2001, working for two years as environment programme officer for the Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (UNDP-PAPP) in Jerusalem. A second assignment as Evaluation Specialist brought me to UNDP headquarters New York, before coming to UNDP Bratislava in December 2004.
  • Prior to joining UNDP, I worked 6 years in various positions in applied research and development; latest as project and team leader, repsonsible for the development and management of a EUR 1 Mio joint venture between the Swiss government and a private investor for an applied research project on wastewater and resources management: We converted nutrients from wastewater into valuable biomass (food, ornamental plants) in an aquaculture pilot system.
  • Master in Environmental Science and Engineering (1994, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich / ETH). Postgraduate course on Development Countries (2003, 'NADEL'/ETH).

Other Remarks

About myself
For me “no life without water” goes much beyond the biological function: I have studies it, built my career on it, used it to swim in, sail across and dive into, and am still working on being able to turn it into wine. – But most importantly, water has brought my wife and me together!
What water means to me..
Mystical and healing, inspiring and relaxing.

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