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Name & Nationality

Jane Carter

Title & Function

Knowledge Coordinator and Programme Officer Forestry and Environment


Intercooperation, PO Box 6274, CH-3001 BERN, SWITZERLAND

Telephone / SKYPE

+41 31 385 1030 (office direct line)

In UK: +44 1737 247668 (sometimes!)

SKYPE janecarteratic


Background & Experience

My background is English, although I now live in Switzerland and also have Swiss nationality.... Educational background: I have a degree in Agricultural and Forest Sciences, and a doctorate in rural development forestry (for which I conducted fieldwork in Nepal). I have worked in community-based natural resource management and related issues for some 20 years, mainly with a focus on Asia (living in Sri Lanka, Nepal and India). Having returned to the IC Head Office in Bern after just over 3 years in India (Bangalore), I'm taking up the new responsibility of knowledge management. Hence my interest in learning more about the opportunities for shared learning through the internet.

Other Remarks