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Name & Nationality

Marcia Pereira, Brazilian.

Title & Function

Architect, eLearning specialist


Limmattalstrasse 107, 8049 Zürich, Switzerland.

Telephone / SKYPE

+41 (0)79 632 9826/montanhaazul


Background & Experience

With a background in architecture and urband design, I have in the last 12 years moved my working focus towards the design of virtual learning environments and the application of learning and architectural theories into the development and use of educational technologies.

I am interested on the design and development of online collaborative learning environments, on the pedagogical and social aspects of online learning, and on the ethical use of information technology.

I worked as an architect in Brazil for some years, mainly on the design of educational buildings. In 1994, I moved to England, where I did a Master of Architecture course at the University of Sheffield. After that, I did a PhD at the same university, with the focus on the design and development of online learning platforms. To increase my knowledge on learning theories and application, I also attended a Postgraduate Course on Higher Education. After that, I still taught architectural design at the University of Dundee and at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, before moving more radically towards e-Learning applied to different disciplines as well as online communication, from 1999 onwards. Since then, I have been working on the design and development of learning environments and online courses as well as giving pedagogical/didactical support on the ellaboration of online courses.

Other Remarks

Other key interests are: cooperation and development work, environmental issues, architecture and urbanism.

I also do enjoy walking, volleyball, travelling, getting to know new people and cultures, reading, but also slowing down, doing meditation and yoga ...

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