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Name & Nationality

Usha Manandhar, Nepali

Title & Function

Programme Sociologist: The main function is to manage social component of the VSBK Technology Transfer Programme in Nepal with the aim to improve living and working conditions of workers working in brick industries with Techno-Social Integration (TSI) approach. I have primarily to work with brick workers for their capacity building to demand for services; and with brick entrepreneurs to capacitate them to integrate socially responsible business practices. Recently I have taken responsibility to e-moderate a COP under BASIN - South Asia Regional Knowledge Platform on the thematic issue of TSI.


PO Box 113, Kathmandu, NEPAL

Telephone / SKYPE

00-977-1-5521970, skype: ushamaskey


Background & Experience

I have Masters' Degree in Development Studies. I have been working since 1994 in the development aid sector in Nepal. I have experiences in project planning and review through f2f facilitation process. I have been working in brick sector since 2003. With this programme, I have gained experiences to work with private sector and technology transfer that brings benefits to people, especially poor, who are the working class. I have also gained experiences to design and implement projects with appropriate strategies to cater to need of seasonal migrants (brick workers).

Other Remarks

My special interest is to work on poor-sensitive technology transfer. On the personal side, I love meditation and playing and going for a walk with my 5-yr son--Swoyam.