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Main Page This is the main page of the waterwiki. Each country in the region has a country page. the map is interactive, so you can click on each country to get to the country page of that country. or, you can click on the links below. we will go to kazakhstan.

click on kazakhstan

Country Page

this is what each country page looks like. it has an overview map, a table of contents, highlights of anything that is important or new, an overview of water resources in the country, reports that are related to kazakhstan and water governance, ongoing and completed projects on water in kazakhstan, and other resources and links that are useful to kazakhstan.

Project Page

here is an ongoing project in kazakhstan, integrated water resources management and water efficiency plan, each project has a page looking like this, with various sections about the project such as title, responsible organisation, partners, a link to the project page, and a short description.

as you can see there are are links to the partners. there are also links to other places within the wiki, such as this one for integrated water resources management which gives a definition of what what iwrm is. we will go back to the project page.

under description is a section for lessons learned, this is the core of what the waterwiki is about, to capture lessons learned from projects in our region. since this project is ongoing there will hopefully be more lessons learned entered as the project moves forward.

at the bottom there are project documents available for download.

we will now go pack to the main page.

Main Page

apart from country pages linking from the main page there are links to:

a regional page which contains reports and project related to more than just one country.

lessons learned, contacts and colleagues, workspaces, and a suggestion box for suggestions for improvements of the waterwiki.

Lessons Learned

if we click on lessons learned we get to a page which displays all the projects in the region. here is the project we just looked at. this shows you that each page can be linked to from many different places in the wiki since there is no hierarchy. if you click on the link itself you will get back to the project page, if we go back, underneath the project is a show and hide button. if we click this only the lessons learned from this project will appear. this is usegul since you don't have to go through the country page to get to the lessons learned for the type of project you might be interested in.

Side Bar

there are also further resources available in the wiki. in the side bar there are links, one of them is general resources.

General Resources

so here in the general resources you can find a lot of information. there are reports, legal documents, statistics, contacts, and a link to the page we just looked at with lessons learned.

Project Edit

so now we are going to demonstrate how to edit an entry in the waterwiki. if we go back to kazakhstan and to the project that we just looked at.

here is project we looked at previously, as you can see the duration of the project is missing and we want to add that.

every page has an edit button at the top of the page, if we click on that we get to edit mode. this is what edit mode look like, and here is duration which is empty. what is the duration of this project? we enter the duration, scroll down, and click save page. and now you can see that it appears on the project page. any user can do this on any page in the whole waterwiki.

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