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WaterWiki-presentation Nairobi web4dev-conf Nov07 (Web4Dev Nairobi 2007 | Web2forDevConference findings) | The Contribution of a Wiki to the Development of a Community of Practice: A Case Study - Anna Maron Aug07 (Findings from study on WaterWiki by Anna)
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WaterWiki 1.0 (Careful: Archived, non-updated version)
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Workshop about WaterWiki 2.0, held at the web4dev conference, 28-30 Nov 07, Nairobi-Kenya


Presentation:  WaterWiki IT4KM Nairobi-Nov07p-final.ppt -- Juerg.staudenmann 15:15, 29 November 2007 (CET)

Findings | Recommendations

IYS - Intl. Year of Sanitation 2008
There should be a SanitationWiki --> OR: use/expand WaterWiki!!
Overcome the language-barrier !!!!
as a first step, use an automated service to create RU mirror-pages
e.g. automated "_RU" extension, from where a knowledge farmer (or on-line volunteers) can take the raw text and create "nice pages" in the RU WaterWiki
UN-Water should be approached
Do they work on something similar?
Should they be leading / coordinating a One-UN WaterWiki?
--> UN-Habitat would support this approach!
Low-bandwidth solutions
  1. Periodic off-line versions: CD-ROM with downloaded HTML-versions
  2. text-only version (mirror-pages), e.g. as automated function that the server recognized the connection capacity and sends this instead of the full HTML-version
  1. geographically: all regions -- while keeping (sub-)regional chapters (?)
  2. institutionally: More (all?) UN-agencies and beyond -- possibly even de-brand the site (no UN or other organization shown)
BUT keep the focus: Water (& Sanitation)

Q&A | Discussion

Why would people use a Wiki when they are used to EMail?
Wiki (or any new KM tool) needs to be perceived NOT as an additional tool / requirement to work on, but solutions are needed that the it can be combined in the same work-flow.
For instance: "Button" in the E-Mail client that would "add your message" to Wiki (or blog) if checked. This as a first step would at least store the message, from where a "knowledge farmer" could tweak/edit and integrate it into Wiki (appropriate page, inter-linking, etc)
How to handle controversial discussions that could arise?
1st of all, don't be afraid that this will happen -- it's the whole idea of "going Wiki". What's needed is a distinction between official websites & statements on one hand and Wiki-articles & discussions on the other. Both are needed; none is replacing the other.
2ndly the value-added that more people can access and comment/edit content is outweighing the (potential) risk of vandalism or "inappropriate content" or simply "tough discussions"

Further thoughts & ideas (that came up in other discussions)

  • video next CoP-meeting (Bucharest) and YouTube it on WW 2.0
  • interview with practitioners
Flickr for photos!
Touchgraph for social networking
  • similar to facebook
  • considered by OECD/DAC to be used for "CoP-management" (Meria Puhakka)
  • Meria also is open to dsicuss publishing OECD publication on WaterWiki - will discuss with Brendan an other colleagues

Other web pages and resources to utilize / draw on

UNEP GEO data portal
  • World Water Development Report
  • HDR 2006
  • EC Water Management Guide
  • UNECE River Basin Assessment
  • Eldis / other dev. portals

People to be kept in the loop for WaterWiki 2.0 dev & launch

  • Meria Puhakka, OECD -- OECD's potential publication of publication on WW
  • Christian Kreutz, GTZ & Nynke Kruiderink, iicd -- web 2.0 applications / blogs / integration / ...
  • Eva Vognild, ReliefWeb (--> check "Community section" on Relief-Web)
  • Anna Downie, IDS -- integration and/or cross-syndication (RSS) of content with ELDIS & Co.
  • Milica Tomasevic, consultant for UNAIDS, UNDP etc.
  • Christopher Fabian / UNICEF-crew -- working on UNIWIKI
  • James Ohayo, UN-Habitat / Water, Sanitation & Infrastructure Branch

-> send launch message to all web4dev participants

Expansion of WaterWiki community

organizations stated interest "to be on board somehow" with WaterWiki 2.0
  • UNECE (Francesca Bernardini) -- River Basin Assessment
  • EC (Andrea Leone) -- new EC Water Management Guidelines
  • UN-Habitat: James Ohayo
  • UNICEF (Christopher Fabian / ...?..) -- uniwiki,
  • http://www.eldis.net
Further organizations to potentially collaborate with (need to contact)
  • UN-Water: ...
  • FAO (doing much in KM lately): ...
  • IFAD
  • UN-Water
  • UNEP

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