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GlossaryRelated duplication

GlossaryRelated duplicated in Glossary pages. Eliminate all of the See also section content.


Not sure of the problem yet, will fix with additional wikibot

Layout Publication

Layout Publication needs another edit save example. http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Azerbaijan_Country_Profile_for_Johannesburg_Summit_2002

also box-small not applied


Layout:Publication has changed since the WikiBot has run. This is why you see a difference. I will rerun the Layout:Publication layout application.

In order for the top section to use small boxes, please add "tablesec" directive, along with __TABLESEC.

(also just fyi, the directive to control size of box is not "box-small", but "smalledit")

Organization Layout

oldtitles=Information Resources/Tools/Materials isn't effective.

e.g. in UN-agency pages (see e.g. UN-Habitat) there are now 2 paras: "Information Resources/Tools/Materials" and the intended "Key Resources"


"Information Resources" section has two spaces. Will make old titles ignore extra whitespace.


box-small not working in http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Layout:Experience

e.g. http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Watershed_Management_Projects_and_Microfinance_comparative_experiences


Not a wikibot issue, just needs fixing in the Layout:Experience

Two things.

  • it's "smalledit", not "box-small"

* Add tablesec to the same section as TABLESEC. That will enforce "smalledit" on all the sections above it.


When creating article with "Article_(generic_layout)"

  • it opens in generic instead of classic mode
  • when adding a new chapter (in generic), adds it at end (not above

references) and as a small-box



problem in detection of generic layout, will fix.

Layout Case Study & Experience

New case study ..

e.g. http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Aso_asid%C3%B6a?title=Aso_asid%25C3%25B6a&action=edit&layout=Case+Study):

or new Experience


  • omits chapter references, but does for whatever reason include

references tag etc. in See also


Layout:Case_Study has oldtitles=References for both "References" and "See Also".

the same oldtitle value can not be assigned to multiple sections.

SO you need to remove References from See Also?

Layout: Articles

ARTICLEs: duplication of references section, despite oldtitles= Further Readings - References - Link being in the layout?

e.g. http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Drinking_water_technologies

Also duplicated on http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Armenia_-_New_Water_Code References/Links and References section.


Again, problem with duplicate old-titles.

For the Armenia_-_New_Water_Code artilce, "References / Links" is not set as an oldtitle in the Layout.

ArticleRelated duplicated

create new ARTICLE page with the layout, ArticleRelated is duplicated upon saving.


JUERG/KATY remove "See Also" from oldtitles for "See Also" .. this really confuses the code! See also is the section, See Also is the old title. There is a difference.

Case Study Layout duplication

e.g. http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Tajikistan_-_Mobilization_of_labor_remittances_into_infrastructure_rehabilitation where 2 separate references sections, and a blank section above??? THREE references sections on http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Lithuania_-_Sustainable_Development_of_the_Nemunas_Delta_Supported_by_the_Community_of_Minge_Village

I checked the case study layout, "References, Sources, and Further Information" was in 'see also' but with no gap btwn comma and sources, but second ref section (Source Documents, References, Cross-Links, and Further Readings) was nowhere. I have amended these problems with the layout. Is there not too many oldtitles in the layouts, not easily distinguishable? (i.e. with the use of commas, how is the bot to know what is the start of a new oldtitle??) 2.1. As Juerg highlights, is a problem that on creating "references" does not appear, but does on saving.



Again, I think a problem addressed by Solutions above.

Layout Publication

  • Blank Sections

eg http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Draft_Regional_Millennium_Development_Goals_Report and http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Environmental_Performance_Review_Chapter_6_Water_Management_Including_Protection_of_Lakes

  • There is also a random "Relevant Publications" on this page???



  • Blank sections will be fixed by running WikiBot again. Also "Type/Format" will be fixed by another WikiBot run.
  • Further Links are not a Section, but simply BOLD text. Need to decide .. is WikiBot appropriate, or manual solution?
  • Relevant Publications pre-existed .. set as an "oldtitle" somewhere?

Layout Experience

  • EXPERIENCE: Strangely, Context

Focus Areas Geographic Scope Stakeholders Contacts Appears at the top of http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Comparative_Experience:_Water_Councils. Problem with the same 5 headings appearing at the top of http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Coordination_mechanisms (appears to be a problem on all pages categorised "Experience", which as with so many other pages has a duplication of references sections.

  • I have added References, Links, Further Readings to the @oldtitles in layout. On http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Stakeholder_Participation_in_River_Basin_Councils_-_Kazakhstan "Further Readings - References - Links" remains a stand alone section and has not been absorbed into 'See also' section, despite it being in the list of @oldtitle in the layout??? This is possibly proof that the extensive use of commas in the @oldtitles lists is confusing the bot? Given that some old titles have one or two commas in them, should not ; or something be used to separate the list of oldtitles. If not how does the bot know what comma is part of an old title, and which is the beginning of a new one?
  • Same as with case study, and as Juerg pointed out, when creating new Experience page, ref section does not appear, but does on saving?



  • Those five sections appear at the top of the Layout. If you don't want them there, remove them from the Layout.

* Do replace "," with ";" as oldtitles seperator.

  • Again same problems with Layouts changing after WikiBot run, and with multiple sections referencing the same section in oldtitle.



Katy / Juerg

  • Sorry, these need to be handled manually. There aren't so many. List is at


GLOSSARY: Duplication of references sections

  • GLOSSARY: Duplication of references sections on what looks like ALL glossary pages, e.g. http://dev.waterwiki.net/index.php/Acid_water 'References and Links' as well as ref section. I have added References and Links to the layout on WW, not dev, so hopefully this problem will disappear when run on production.



Again, duplication will be fixed by removal of duplicate @old-titles.


9. What do you mean by "Subpages added for country/region/water_basin pages" in your email on 17th Oct? Were not these subpages already on these portal pages as part of the Template:TopOfPage (even if not all are actually created)?


These were created, if they didn't already exist.