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(GlossaryRelated duplication)
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=== Solution ===
=== Solution ===
Not sure of the problem yet, will fix with additional wikibot
Not sure of the problem yet, will fix with additional wikibot

Revision as of 15:04, 19 October 2009


GlossaryRelated duplication

GlossaryRelated duplicated in Glossary pages. Eliminate all of the == See also == section content.



Not sure of the problem yet, will fix with additional wikibot

Layout Publication

Layout Publication needs another edit save example. http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Azerbaijan_Country_Profile_for_Johannesburg_Summit_2002

also box-small not applied


Layout:Publication has changed since the WikiBot has run. This is why you see a difference. I will rerun the Layout:Publication layout application.

In order for the top section to use small boxes, please add "tablesec" directive, along with __TABLESEC.

(also just fyi, the directive to control size of box is not "box-small", but "smalledit")

Organization Layout

oldtitles=Information Resources/Tools/Materials isn't effective.

e.g. in UN-agency pages (see e.g. UN-Habitat) there are now 2 paras: "Information Resources/Tools/Materials" and the intended "Key Resources"


"Information Resources" section has two spaces. Will make old titles ignore extra whitespace.


box-small not working in http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Layout:Experience

e.g. http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Watershed_Management_Projects_and_Microfinance_comparative_experiences


Not a wikibot issue, just needs fixing in the Layout:Experience

Two things.

  • it's "smalledit", not "box-small"
  • Add tablesec to the same section as _TABLESEC_. That will enforce "smalledit" on all the sections above it.


When creating article with "Article_(generic_layout)"

  • it opens in generic instead of classic mode
  • when adding a new chapter (in generic), adds it at end (not above

references) and as a small-box


Not a WikiBot problem. Will investigate later.

Layout Case Study & Experience

New case study ..

e.g. http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Aso_asid%C3%B6a?title=Aso_asid%25C3%25B6a&action=edit&layout=Case+Study):

or new Experience


  • omits chapter references, but does for whatever reason include

<references/> etc. in See also


Layout:Case_Study has oldtitles=References for both "References" and "See Also".

the same oldtitle value can not be assigned to multiple sections.

SO you need to remove References from See Also?