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Hacks and Skins

  • includes/Sanitizer.php: added img tag, and src/width/height attributes, to whitelists
  • includes/Linker.php: makeMediaLinkObj hacked to display with nice icons.
  • includes/Parser.php: doTransclude
  • http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Multiple_starting_text_hack
    • includes/Linker.php : MakeBrokenLinkObj
    • Step 3 replaced by modified boilerplate extension
  • includes/media/Bitmap.php: added $wgClientScaler option. This forces client scaling (so we can have bitmaps
  • includes/SpecialUpload.php : make uploads behave as attachments
  • includes/SkinTemplate.php : make uploads behave as attachments
  • skins/MonoBook.php: added translate button to sidebar


Old Stuff here, not sure where it will go

  • various scripts to copy over pages, users, and files are in /home/root/waterwiki/
    • export.py: xml export from old waterwiki
    • import.pl: import
    • uploaded files have been copied over and references imported into database. still need to keep an eye on things (user identifiers are different, and not all db fields are filled out) .. but this should be basically working.