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Some of these will result in specifications for further WaterWiki development after phase 2.

  • country/river basin interactive map --> see http://www.jmzs.fr/ creating a free interactive world map. This is the site wikiGender used for theirs :)
  • "Delicious-Extension" (bookmarking to add to list(s) on WW)
    • firefox extension, one-click add to delicious bookmarks
  • Low-bandwidth solution(s)
    • text-only version
    • mirror-pages created automatically, e.g. when the server recognized (ping) that the connection capacity is low, and sends txt-only instead of the full HTML-version
  • "MY" Page functionalities, personalization
  • Advanced "watch-this" and alert functionalities
    • E-mail alert functions (incl. daily/weekly/.. digest Emails) and/or when changes occur on specific pages / discussions -- simply add (another) check-box(es) besides the "watch this page"-box at bottom of the edit window?
  • remove index.php
  • transclude Special:WantedPages (http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Special_page#Transclusion)
  • offline, CD version of WaterWiki
  • API for WaterWiki, for linking external data sources