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Split these into agreed and proto-discussions


Potential external sites and tools for dynamic linking / content-exchange

UNDP's Water Pages



Investigate if and how to (e.g.)

pull data from the AQUASTAT database to be displayed (dynamically) in WW's country-pages
FAO's aquastat
Standard database for water-info ...

FAO Aquastat, linked to articles


need to properly and completely cross-link (e.g. all river basins with GEF project should at least have direct link to IW:LEARN resources, if not transclusions)

UNDP-SGP/international waterbody 'interface'

Need to follow-up again in due time (WaterWiki Water basins all up and running) for inclusion of all 568 SGP projects

--- From Juerg Staudenmann, 13 Nov 08:

Dear Mr. Goel,

Thank you for contacting me. Do you already have clear ideas on the "interface" you want to use? It may be of interest for you to know that we are currently in the process of upgrading and expanding WaterWiki.net (to encompass projects, work or other knowledge from entire UNDP as well as selected other UN-agencies). We will i.a. map and create "portal-pages" for all 236+ Transboundary Water Basins in the world (together with UNESCO). So, you may want to consider using WaterWiki as your platform to collect / display / link to your 568 projects as well, once it will be up and running (expected in about 3-4 months from now). In any case, it seems there will be many opportunities for cooperation and I would be delighted to stay in touch with you. Can you share more details of your project (TOR maybe)?

With regard to your queries below, I don't have the materials you seek right at hand, but I copy colleagues who may be able to help you: Katy, who currently is working on a bulk of related research for WaterWiki, as well as Mish, who may have relevant materials on "his" IW:LEARN web-portal. - PLEASE SEE BELOW, COLLEAGUES.


From: Malini GOEL Sent: Monday, 10 November, 2008 22:39 To: Juerg Staudenmann Subject: Question from UN consultant regarding international waterbodies

Dear Mr. Staudenmann,

My name is Malini Goel and I am working as a consultant with Ms. Sulan Chen with UNDP SGP in New York on a project related to international waters. Specifically, I am creating an SGP/international waterbody interface that lists all 568 SGP international waterbody projects and indicates in which priority waterbody they are located. The projects are currently listed as per country. Listing them by waterbody will provide a more regional, ecological and comprehensive approach to addressing the problems and will also provide insight into where where the projects are currently concentrated. My questions are as follows:

1) Do you have a physical or hydrological map of the world that shows the world's waterbodies, seas, lakes, rivers and aquifers? I will like to visually pinpoint where the projects are on a physical or hydrological map verses a regular world map.

2) Do you have a list of what the UNDP or GEF considers perhaps its top 10 priority international waterbodies? I have identified over 100 priority waterbodies that have been identified by SGP, GEF, OP4, UNEP Regional Seas, the SAPs and TDAs. I would like to narrow it down to about 10 projects and then we will write up regional profiles for these waterbodies (characteristics, regional considerations, environmental threats, priority actions).

3) Lastly, do you have any existing regional profiles for international waterbodies that have already been identified as top priorities?

Many thanks and kindest regards, Malini Goel (working on 9th floor, UNDP/SGP)



Wikipedia Water Portal

a "Water Wiki" for California/SouthEastern America

Euro-Mediterranean Information System on know-how in the Water sector
Not a Wiki, but some good resources like the Glossary (the above link) --> may help us identify/group additional info/knowledge types..
if possible (RSS) use as background source for info..

Water Info System for Europe
((still to be checked out..))
EECCA Environment Strategy Partnership Database
database with all (?) environmental projects ("partnerships") in the EECCA region
If RSS, selected info-functionalities like the statistics could be used to display data through WaterWiki-pages

http://www.transboundarywaters.orst.edu/database/interriverbasinreg.html -- transboundary water import



Get inspired

can this be an RSS feed from delicious? check into rss mediawiki extensions


MediaWiki with similar (as it seems) challenges than we face -- and some nice solutions, like the template-boxes with related links..

Wikia's WaeterWiki
Commercialized Wiki, but nice extensions (rate it) and wizards ("Report a problem"; "New article"} and other user-guiding features

Category Cloud Extension
maybe there are also others {All in Category:TTag cloud extensions)??

Good solution to guide users creating new pages: Quick tutorial and link (button even) on each Category- or other "entry-page"

check out for possible inspiration, avoidance of duplication, opportunities for linking...

The Coastal Portal (encora)
integration of a (Media-) Wiki and other (I believe..) non-Wiki tools and databases

Wikis and other platforms within the UN family / context

UNDP CoP wiki

On the other side, some KM Networks are moving their CRs to the wiki, making them searchable by countries and topic areas, with the aim of involving a wider audience in using the wiki for finding/providing answers to queries, and also for updating those answers. This would increase the benefit of having those huge archives of Consolidated Replies, so far stuck in a non user-friendly and static area of the workspace. I proposed this back in 2008 (when we first met), and so far:

- DGG asked me to prepare a wiki database of DGP-Net Consolidated Replies (2001 to 2009), searchable by Countries, Topics, featuring maps (I used GeoRSS extension but I will probably move to Semantic Google Maps) and with distinct searchable Country Experiences. On top of this, they asked me to prepare a portable version of this whole database (CD or USB Key); - MPN asked me to set up a searchable archive of Q&A, featuring forms (I used Semantic Forms) for making easy for users to create their own queries. The key element here would be country pages, with automatic lists of Queries related to specific countries, so that every Country Office can easily see and reply to its queries, this being taken into account for the country's BSC. - EEG (Angelica) asked me to replicate for EEG what I did for DGG (we're starting this week). This will be an occasion for me to revise the system and improve it by making a wide use of Semantic Mediawiki and many of its related extensions, for making the wiki as much user-friendly as possible; - Poverty Reduction are uploading their own CRs to the wiki assigning thematic and geographic categories.

UNICEF's new Wiki projects
They spent a lot of bucks on nice Media-Wiki tweaks, extensions, etc. and are welcoming "copy-paste"
Source: Christopher Fabian -- met him at Web4Dev Nairobi 2007

Not a Wiki, but a couple of interesting features (Digg IT; Facebook; etc.)
Contact: Timothy La Rose -- met him at Web4Dev Nairobi 2007 conference

UNESCO Water-Portal
((...to be checked out still))
World Water Assessment Programme (UN-Water)
certainly a logic link-up opportunity, IF UN=Water has / will develop a somewhat more elaborated website...

UN Studies Portal
A new Wiki by the affiliated UN Studies Group

plone platform with info/knowledge on all GEF-IW projects --> close cross-linkage planned (ongoing discussion with [Mish Hamid])

UN-Water Task Force on Indicators, Monitoring and ... .
uses pbWiki for their work

The Wikipedia-World Bank pilot project on water supply and sanitation
Learned about it by User:Jaakko Helleranta
25Mar09: I haven't really worked with water (nor sanitation) issues but energy and information/knowledge related to international development in general. The first (energy) has been my work at the World Bank for the last two years as a consultant (http://info.worldbank.org/etools/ask4electricutilities/), which has also been pretty much 100% about information/knowledge related to Africa energy. The more generic part of IM/KM is "just" my personal (long time) passion, which I'm hoping to pursue in the near future.

Thinking of it, I actually have done a tiny little something on W&S - a collection of the Wikipedia articles that the Bank's LAC Wikipedia pilot (which I'm sure you know about - Manuel Schiffler's note via http://snipurl.com/wb-ws-wikipedia_pilot [www_socialtext_net]). That is, I just last week created a Wikipedia "book" on the LAC W&S articles with the wonderful PediaPress-powered books extensions (which I warmly recommed to install and promote -- the bookmarklet that empowers people to send pages from _any_ MediaWiki to their own PediaPress book is great, too, btw!).

So, I'm really a "generalist" as regards to WaterWiki and not sure of how I'd contribute. .. Except for trying to connect dots for sure. E.g. promote the Wiki to my W&S friends / colleagues, etc.

I need to also add that pretty much since I started at the Bank (when I was working in the next office to two dedicated consultants working on a "Clean Energy Wiki" - which was killed before it was launched to the public) I've been developing an idea of a platform that would enable _all_ of the international development community to come together to interact and collaborate, any and _all_ people who want to join the discussion and venture to build _a_ gateway to relevant information related to international development. The ideas have developed in the last half a year or so into a pretty clear vision of an Open Development Wiki, the vision of which I articulated last December as a blurp-ish "manifesto" to those few that I've brainstormed the idea with (available via www.snipURL.com/case4opendevelopment) and for which we just submitted a (better formulated / targeted) proposal for to the Bank's Small Grants Program (available via www.sn.im/odw-proposal-wb). .. Maybe that's (more than?) enough for this for now. As you can imagine I'd love to have a chat with someone in your project to both hear about your experiences (which I've followed through some of your presentations - slideshare, comments at the web4dev conference via YouTube) and also to hear about your thoughts on this whole field of international development / its community / interaction among people involved and their collaboration that you've been tackling to boost with your project for the W&S part.

other applications / platforms / web2.0-tools

New EUWI Member and Collaboration Platform
Cool new features. A "User-Module" like this one would be very useful for WaterWiki too!
Aquanow - EU's Water Governance Guidelines and Collaboration Platform
Seems partially inspired by WaterWiki - and could vice-versa give us some ideas. - IS THIS A WIKI?
Doing Business
Very neat way of using Google Map for stats on various countries -> Could we use a similar approach say for MDG indicators, status on WSS, water & healt, etc.?
--> Or even "List" all national projects in that way behind one sticker instead of creating individual stickers for each project (of which anyway 80% would stick in the capital) --> this could solve our "how to map area-based data like national projects" problem..?

to be used as user-managemem=nt / CoP-platform linked to Wiki-User and pages-functions?

Social networking software ...??


Inspiration from the wild!

http://www.feem-web.it/nostrum/glossary.html#_Toc148017186 Excellent IWRM glossary. To be linked in? (other glossaries http://www.emwis.net/thematicdirs/glossaries)


Integration Technical Issues



  • it's not an expected behavior
  • it is not entirely ethical to load content and images from other websites (copyright, bandwidth, server load considerations).
  • We are also risking that the transcluded content won't be there forever.
  • When possible it should be considered to mirror such content.