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  • Transclusion
    • add links to source/edit (there, but only if text is limited)
    • show/hide
  • Good links to documentation needed (new features like maps)

Maybe Someday

  • tag-cloud as DPL output once inherit Categories is solved
  • inherit categories from current article
    • (

{{Category}} ) .. useful?

    • -> YES: We eventually want a functionality (templates + DPL?) on pages that can list, sort, display, transculde other pages in the Wiki based on same/similar categories, titles, possibly at once stage even text strings within the article (not sure the latter makes sense). Juerg 08:53, 16 January 2009 (CET)
    • may this be (part of) the solution? Sandbox19
  • superset of tags for all pages in a category

on category page or in DPL

  • DPL's from uploaded spreadsheets; because this is what we get (updated every once in a while) from the UN-Water Task Force. is this possible?

Technical Notes

& is disabled as separator in category command, since it is a valid character in category names. listing mulitple category args has an implicit AND. consider using a safe separator if this behavior is needed again.


We use DynamicPageList. Most of this are requests for improved functionality. Must also insure that DPL is efficient, and can be used with Page Caching when we start to scale up.

    • "One of the most simple ways to reduce the demand of DPL on the servers is to enable caching of the results. The more often a page with DPL calls get viewed, the greater the effect caching has. And so on a popular wiki such as this one, enabling caching is likely to help reduce the server load quite a bit. Unfortunately there is a downside: caching means the results won't immediately update when information on the wiki changes. Sometimes the information can be out of sync by several hours."

http://semeb.com/dpldemo/index.php?title=Allowing_true_caching_by_DPL_dev_page http://www.wikia.com/dofus/Forum:Optimizing_the_usage_of_DPL


Very useful see http://semeb.com/dpldemo/DPL:Manual for output options with DPL

  • Latest testing of function - http://www.waterwiki.net/index.php/Sandbox_17 includes Katy's list of useful syntax!
  • Is this the latest? Yes Version 1.7.4 is the latest. Does it offer e.g. filtering by more than 2 categories; advnaced sorting; etc.? YES, can now sort by 5+ categories!! :)
  • Is it possible to show also stuff like e.g. "last three contributors" in a little list that also includes date/time and maybe link to display difference s/he made? (I'm thinking of a template that could be inserted to articles) YES see sandbox 17
    • alphabetical sorting - this is not mentioned in the manual
    • reverse chronological by editing (standard) or creation or ..YES - order=ascending/descending
    • multiple-criteria: e.g. grouping CoP-Members - using the country-tags - automatically into "by-country"-chapters while automatically generating the adequate chapter headings (or at least a "jump-to" link-bar at the top of the page)
  • Please include a short advanced help-section on usage of DynamicPageListing
    • There's quite an extensive manual, linked above. I'd suggest going through that. If there are a couple examples you think would be helpful, I can set those up to start
  • DynamicPageList .. no results (bad) - 'supresserrors=true' which would not show warning text when no results matched, does not work, even though it should with version 1.7.4. which we now have uploaded
  • Listing and sorting functionalities
    • e.g. Users without the "user:"-prefix (like on Special:Listusers
    • How to make use of Special:Newpages & Co., i.e. format in a different way, include in a tbale (top-content) etc.?
    • How can DPL be integrated into clever templates? (e.g. "latest resources" on a topic - so to have them dynamically updated) - see sandox 17 e.g latest resources on gender topic
DPL questions
  • After filtering & sorting (e.g. CoP-members by country), can DPL also generate (sub-) headings?
    • It doesn't seem so.
  • Can we influence text-formatting, say using colors or bold or similar formatting to highlight data?
  • On the "hit lists" (GREAT!), can DPL also find & show hits within a certain time-window; e.g. "over the past 3 months"?
  • Very powerful is " List of all pages related to Hungary, listing the categories each one belongs to." -> if we can e.g. display the found categories now in tag-clouds or other ways (see also formatting question above), this is becoming a very powerful tool, e.g. standardized on each and every Category-page (showing all tags that were used in connection with that specific category, with bolder=more-often feature etc.)!!
  • (DPL cannot distinguish between new & edited pages it seems)": But the Wiki itself can if I'm not mistaken; so maybe DPL can pick up some functionality from there?
  • DPL will get even more powerful if it can be combined e.g.
    • with the rating stars (display highest ranked pages, or most viewed pages that are ranked below 4 stars, or..)
    • with time/date (see also remarks above --> e.g. most edited articles over the past 2 months)
    • MOST IMPORTANTLY (as elaborated also above already): with tag-cloud and other visualization features.
  • When the DPL produces & displays internal links, can we influence where they link to? E.g. the categories in " List of all pages related to Hungary, listing the categories each one belongs to" could link to the Country-pages, rather than the Category:Country-pages.

Top Content / most read / most active users / etc.

  • Top-rated pages
  • listing pages with highest rating, or most rated pages
  • Most visited/popular // most read pages
  • Most recently added / latest pages
  • Most active authors / contributors
  • "Recommended by.." / Essential readings / Featured-lists

See User:Johanne.Jeanbaptiste/Test

thematic / symbolic wold map output

A typical output to be displayed on a map (= countries colored for results) could be:

This would generate a mapshowing all African countries (ok, not very creative, but the system stays the same for other category-combination). This could however become really interesting, if such an app could not only display one set of data results, but multiple: E.g. if a Country-category is tagged "Africa" AND "FAO". E.g.:

1) assign, say, different colors to different results. Example:

... mode=userformat category=Country namespace=Category category1=Africa category-color1=magenta category2=FAO category-color2=green allowcachedresults=true listseparators=· ,%TITLE% · , shownamespace=false </DPL> </div>

2) determine where the map would link to. Example:

... category1=FAO link1=FAO/projects category2=UNDP link2=Category:UNDP ...

Then, this app could also be used for instance on a page that lists & displays the, say, sanitation status in the world and the like.

Global / regional (zoom)
Also desirable: A) zoom-factor or B) couple of different maps (global, all 5 or 6 regions)

A) like with Google maps, or even automatic, based on the DPL output (e.g. if it finds Bulgaria and Italy, it sooms in on Europe
B) separate maps for (e.g.) Europe & CIS, and on the global map one woulkd have the choice to display by countries or region as a whole (latter: Bulgaria & Italy would lead to highlighted Europe)