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=== New (20091011) ===
=== New (20091011) ===
[[WaterWiki.net:Development/20091019 WikiBot Issues]]
[[WaterWiki.net:List of ancient Table structured pages]]
[[WaterWiki.net:List of ancient Table structured pages]]
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[[WaterWiki.net List of Organization Infoboxes]]
[[WaterWiki.net List of Organization Infoboxes]]
[[WaterWiki.net List of unmoved Glossary pages]]
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* convert all old "TABLESEC"-pages that contain
* convert all old "TABLESEC"-pages that contain

Current revision


Semi-Structured Pages and Templates

These UNIWIKI extensions have been installed

http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Uniwiki_Layouts http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Uniwiki_Generic_Edit_Page

These provide pre-set layouts for creation of new pages; and an improved editor, broken down by sections; and the ability to set restrictions on sections.

Layouts live in the "Layout" namespace.



switch between generic and classic can enable @optional sections

In Testing

  • @oldtitles
  • @insert-above
  • @sysoponly
  • @tablesec (makes textareas above smaller)
  • make sidebar stuff not show up
  • move section box to the right.
  • new sections add after standard "last 3". see reordering.
  • display (all) Categories when section-editing.


  • all titles should probably be locked-headers

  • The Save button completely disappeared in generic edit mode in IE
  • layout tag appearing in project and publication "Classic Mode" editing screens.
  • references are not working (although they are on pages without a layout). ex. Tajikistan
    • conflict between these templates and references: Using

<ref> within a template will create correctly numbered reference mark but it will be missing from the output of a

<reference /> on the calling page (example) unless the references tag is transcluded too!. http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Cite/Cite.php#Templates

      • look at how dpl works, protect references in some way during dpl processing?
  • new toolbar
    • seems they don't create warnings though when uploading a file with same name of an already existing one - would be great to get same warning as when using generic attachment
    • "undefined" would need to be replaced by some more meaningful placeholders;
    • on "user" it should put the right namespace.
    • We could replace "math" with some more useful tools (if time allows), e.g.:
      • line break (
      • or TEXT
      • we definitely want a button to attach video (similar as image)
  • using

command seems to insert 4-5 lines, and screwing up also indent lines (which ought to appear in that time-font and in a box). - Example: Try to alter anything on e.g. Help:Dynamic_Page_List_Function/Examples, save and see the result.


  • Uniwiki´s generic mode is adding blank line after every


  • updating Project layout pages introduces multiple TABLESEC. layout updating should be more sensible.
  • unnecessary intermediate page when directly loading an unknown article?
  • Trouble if same section title is used twice. Possibly problems with blank sections titles. Extension should check and enforce errors.
  • Troubles with using

{{VARIABLES}} (try creating a new page using Layout:Country/Sector_coordination)

Feature Requests

  • Better management of sections, layouts
  • assign layout to existing page
  • REORGANISATION of section headings
    • unicef given feedback on next steps...

<blockquote> as for the reordering of sections, i think that this is something that would be very useful as well and would like to see it pushed forward. i tried to reenable it and immediately ran into issues with Sortables, which is because this is a mootools "more" feature and must be added to the js file manually. what i did was to go here: http://mootools.net/more and get the Sortables part, then throw it in the MooTools12Core dir and add the following to the MooTools12Core.php file: $src = "$wgScriptPath/extensions/uniwiki/MooTools12core/mootools-1.2-more.js"; $out->addScript( "<script type='text/javascript' src='$src'></script>" ); under the part where it includes the core js file... then you have to "let out the dragons" by commenting out the return false ~ line 286... at this point you should not get an error right off the bat. you will notice that you can grab sections by their name (near the checkboxes) and move them, though it will then fail once you let it go to place it somewhere... i got a complaint about some Slide constructor... i believe that while we were working on this, mootols 1.2 was very close to being complete, but not quite... thus we used the trunk for a while with the intention of using 1.2 when we were finished... i think what may have happened is that we needed to get the initial dev cycle of the extensions wrapped up and dropped the draggable feature for that release and then didnt update that code once the stable 1.2 version came out. the next step would probably be taking a look at the code to reorder sections and updating it (or checking it) to make sure it uses the 1.2 version correctly... i don't remember exactly the reasons for abandoning this feature, something about getting it to work accross browsers i suspect... </blockquote>

  • allow sysop to edit restricted sections (just like locked pages).
  • can size of the various edit-boxes be changed (TABLESEC-boxes can be smaller, but others must be a bit bigger for comfort for users)
  • allow

__TABLESEC__ template and __TOC__ into a separate box (locked), but without showing a seperate section (new directive??) .. ex. Layout:Publication

  • Project layouts will be our first migration. Look into tools for assisting manual correction
  • how should map work in this layout? (see Layout:Project)
  • TABLESEC .. works but this is fragile. need better solution.
  • When creating new page using a layout, 1 line-break should be added in each box by default (reason: for the cursor to be easily placed BELOW possible INSTRUCTION TEXT)
  • related or alternative: hack the extension so it preserves/imposes line-breaks when it's used to create a new page (reason: would help us move down possible instruction text or templates in a given box)


  • it appears '/' cannot be used in chapter headings (see http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Case_Study_mockup).
    • Can't reproduce, is this still a problem? -Mikel)
  • Subsections not parsed correctly in Layout:X
    • Subsections not allowed in layouts .. can we live with this? -Mikel
  • @lock-header does not prevent it from being removed by right side menu as it should
    • use @required -Mikel
  • on layout choice page, not all layouts should be available (this is configurable in the layout itself)
    • use @namespace directive without no arguments

Image:Example.jpg link title


one step towards a database. consistent structure of page types.

  • use: transclusion and cross linking.
  • user wizard/interface to make these either.
  • leads to the db fields, UI layout & content questions. need good admin interface for this.
  • templates with additional stuff, on particular page types
  • Templates (per content type)
  • break down pages into sections, which are semi-structured, and some UI element to show/hide sections
  • subpages
  • some uneditable sections within the semi-structured pages (like complex DPL functions? .. "mediawiki templates" might be more suitable)
  • usability of layout construction -- directives into UI components
  • automatic maintenance and application of new layouts. updating layouts.
  • customize layout screen according to type of section (standard 3 last Wiki-chapters ("See also'", "References" and "External resources") could be in single wide bottom box)

Layouts we want

Available for users when creating new pages

  • Layout:Article: as to add the standard "See else" et al. sections whenever anybody creates a new (also "empty") Wiki-page. Alternatively, and maybe an even better solution, can we create a super-layout that would add these standard sections to each and every page-type.

Only for Admins (= NOT available for users)

Controlling Layouts

  • @optional: The section will not be added to the new page as default, but a relevant checkbox will be added to the "sections" menu in the top-right of the Generic Editor.
  • @required: The section will be added to the new page, along with a checkbox in the menu, but it will be disabled, dissuading (not preventing) the user from removing the section. The user is still able to remove the section via the "Classic Mode" of the Generic Edit Page.
  • @lock-header: The section will be added to the new page, but the ==Title== will not be editable in the usual way. As above, this is not enforced in "Classic Mode".
  • @lock-text: As above, but applied to the section body.

See all: on MediaWiki


New (20091011)

WaterWiki.net:Development/20091019 WikiBot Issues

WaterWiki.net:List of ancient Table structured pages

WaterWiki.net List of See Also pages

WaterWiki.net List of Organization Infoboxes

WaterWiki.net List of unmoved Glossary pages


wiki bots are to migrate existing content to new schemes

Change existing TABLESEC-formated pages
(A) for the current para-titles to become (pre-defined and protected!) sub-sections (= one level down from the standard section headings) in the semi-structured lay-outs
(B) once the semi-structured extension and respective templates are up and running, change some of the headings as follows:
  • Change all existing Report-pages (see the new template created on 26 March 2008 - NB: all report-pages created after that date should be according to the new layout already)
    • change "Type of report" into "Type" and move it down just below "Author"
    • change "Year published" into "Date"
    • add a new heading reading "ISBN/ISSN" just below "Date"
  • Change all existing organization-pages (see the new template created on 26 March 2008 - NB: all organization-pages created after that date should be according to the new layout already)
    • add a new title "Contact" after "Address"
  • Change all existing CoP-Member-pages (see the new template created on 26 March 2008 - NB: all pages created after that date should be according to the new layout already)
    • check if all contain "SKYPE" in the heading "Telephone / SKYPE"
  • Change all existing Contact-pages (see the new template created on 26 March 2008 - NB: all pages created after that date should be according to the new layout already)
    • replace the separate "Telephone" and "SKYPE" headings by a combined one ("Telephone / SKYPE")
  • convert all old "TABLESEC"-pages that contain

<nobr>-like code still into TABLESEC-pages (see e.g. Dialogue_on_Effective_Water_Governance)

  • IF POSSIBLE: add on each TABLESEC-styled page (and particularly the templates) an advisory text that is viewable in edit-mode only, saying something like "DON'T REMOVE THIS CODE-LINE OR CHANGE THE HEADINGS IN THE SECTION ABOVE" or so..
  • in project pages (and template) exchange "Region" with "Location"