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the search-tweaks (no capital, display of all pages with word at any place in the title, but sorted in a meaningful way, etc.) - display of "type"-categories in front or () in search-results

  • highlight create page options more
General & advanced search functionalities
  • location of search field/box on top-right of WaterWiki, so that it can use use the entire page to display the pop-down menu with suggested auto-text
  • when using "go", display page (if there is of course), but also display first couple of search-results (e.g. right below the search field)
  • option to sort search results, e.g. by type, location, tags/keywords (e.g. using tag-cloud - see following suggestion)
  • advanced search options:
    • ability to filter/combine results (in addition to, or replacing the "namespaces") by specific type (publication, country, ..), location (country / water basin), or keyword (e.. using selective tag-cloud, see following suggestion)
    • ability to refine search, i.e. "search again" within the displayed results by a secondary term
    • display the tags of all results in a consolidated tag-cloud; which by clicking on the tags results in the sub-search (NOT the tag/category)

Alternative search-engine ("localized" Google or verity?) that
  1. also indexes attached/uploaded documents in database (with adequate options, e.g. to turn this on/off) - this would be Lucene search. --Johanne 06:36, 7 August 2008 (CEST)
  2. allows more intelligent search (e.g. "SDC" doesn't bring any search-results, although it's there a hundret times..
--> Google has disadvantage that it indexes with delay
--> Verity, used by Bratislava / Jura only owkr on same server (need to move WaterWki and/or buy a second license

Search and Suggest

  • search results page should give prominent link to create the page.
Fine-tune the plugin
  • nicer font/display
  • roll pop-down menu across the entire page (see also search design-suggestions above)
  • display as last option in the drop-down menu a "choose all"-link, which would open a search-resuly-page displaying all pages displayed before in the menu (NB: this is different then when searching by the same phrase, as the Wiki-search does NOT return results from truncated phrases, while the auto-suggest does find them!!)
  • together with result/title in the pop-down menu, display
    • type (drawing from tags thatare sub-categorized by "type"), e.g. in parenthesis in front of title
  • possibly also water-basin tags is any, or location ??

"Google Suggest" (http://www.google.com/webhp?complete=1&hl=en) IF POSSIBLE
popping-up results (page titles) while typing (e.g. when staring to type "Kazh" a pop-up menu would suggestion already "Kazakhstan" as well as "Kahazak approach to WatGov" as well as "River Basin organizations in Kazakhstan" etc...
  • in Wiki standard search (navigationn bar), popping up page titles (also categories maybe??)
  • in tag-cloud entry line, popping up (suggesting) available tags
can it draw besides page titles also other namespaces like e.g. on Categories, or be selective based on page types (e.g. User:XYZ yes, but no Template:XYZ)?
--> see also custom google search for WaterWiki that Jura created: http://www.google.com/coop/cse?cx=007944255158245516573%3Aindr_pkxtb0

installed plugins. works on both search, and category selection. Extension currently only works for page titles in main namespace.

Email thread, April 2009

some thoughts and actions on search, for processing above

Looks good - with the caveat that Google (and I guess the others too) will always be behind with indexing. Would be great if the results could be shown inside WaterWiki, or if the menu plus search-button could be added aside the "go"-button in the top-bar (once the search window will move up a bit). - but let's concentrate on the main stuff to finish first... Thanks, Petr! Jürg From: Petr Hrncir [1] Sent: Wednesday, 22 April, 2009 13:45 To: Juerg Staudenmann Cc: Katy Norman; Mikel Maron Subject: Re: Search-Bugs I added another search engines as an option and accompanying notice to visitors ("You might also want to try using different search engine listed in the drop down menu below."). Let me know what you think about it. http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Special:Search?search=wiki&Search=Go This is the wikipedia way. There are ways to integrate search engines directly but it requires some work. Best regards, Petr On 22.4.2009, at 9:26, Juerg Staudenmann wrote: > I'm not talking about suggest, but "proper" search. Interesting enough, when typing UNDP-GEF in "-marks, it works: http://waterwiki.net/index.php?title=Special%3ASearch&search=%22UNDP-GEF%22&ns0=1&ns2=1&ns10=1&ns11=1&fulltext=Search > > I also realized now that it DOES bring back the sought page, but as result number ~30. > > SO: It would probably be a great improvement if the generic search-engine can be tuned to sort results as follows: > 1.) Bring back results that have exactly that string top ("UNDP-GEF" in the tile) > 2.) Then sort results by a clever key such as a balance of > __a # of views (indicator popularity), > __b date of creation and/or latest change (indicator for relevance and/or updated-nes) > > > If it cannot be tuned, then maybe we need to seek and alternative (extension). > > Cheers, > Jürg > > > From: Petr Hrncir [2] > Sent: Tuesday, 21 April, 2009 20:37 > To: Juerg Staudenmann > Cc: Katy Norman; Mikel Maron > Subject: Re: Search-Bugs > > Oh, I see! When I use normal (short, minus sign) dash ("-") it shows when I use long "–" (n-dash) it does not (those may look the same in your e-mail but they are not). If it is opposite on Windows or with english keyboard script or whatever, redirects might solve it. Or don't use abbreviations in titles, it's a bad habit anyway but UN is famous for that:) Or at least try not using dash in titles (providing we can confirm the problem is the dash). > > What I suppose is an important note as well is that search suggest is NOT intended to be a replacement for search. Rather a suggestion what you might be searching for but it doesn't replace search at all. You can write "UNDP performance" which only loosely resembles that article name and you will still get it as a top hit in search results. On the other hand suggest – I suppose – scans the database for strings that start about the same (and won't return anything for such string) it doesn't search better because it needs to send the results back as quickly as possible and doesn't do complicated full text searches. > > Best, > Petr > > <Picture 8.jpg> > On 21.4.2009, at 20:19, Petr Hrncir wrote: > >> Dear Jürg, >> >> that's strange indeed. Especially since it came up pretty nicely here. Any clues why? >> >> Best regards, >> Petr >> >> <Picture 8.jpg> >> On 21.4.2009, at 10:35, Juerg Staudenmann wrote: >> >>> Colleagues, >>> >>> Can anybody explain why this page: http://waterwiki.net/index.php/UNDP-GEF_International_Waters_Performance_Report_2007_-_2008 >>> doesn't come up as search-result when searching for "UNDP-GEF" (see: http://waterwiki.net/index.php?title=Special%3ASearch&search=UNDP-GEF+&ns0=1&ns2=1&ns10=1&ns11=1&fulltext=Search)? >>> >>> It's only that I knew we have uploaded this recently; but it took me some 10 minutes to find it again (I tried UNDP Review, GEF review, GEF performance, ...). I have no clue how the Wiki-Search Engine works (i.e. how results are sorted, but this really worries me: I'm afraid there's lots of users giving up on the Wiki after couple of unsuccessful search attempts... >>> >>> let's note that down for (near) future investigations. >>>