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Moderated account creation.


  • Confirm account request doesn't work on IE. No "confirm" button appears??!

Social network extension



  • Edit Profile tabs have CSS problem
  • broken (or non-existent) Special:InviteContacts (that's a function/link you get after "show all contacts") (either remove link or add SendToAFriend extension)
  • make sure search auto-suggest also returns User-namespace hits (try typing newest user user:Paul Manan as name (without namespace) into the search field).
AND/OR: solve the issue that we want to be able to create direct links for users (Paul Manan) without having to create a redircet-page every time someone new is signing up.
  • after profile change, email sent even if email not changed .. even only birthday!

Maybe Someday

Request Account

  • on contact confirmation email.. possible to..?
    • either make sure such links (confirm contact request, maybe others) leads people FIRST to the login-page, and subsequently to the right page (is that possible in WikiMedia?)
    • Or at least, a BOLD sentence is added in the e-mail like "Make sure you are logged in" or so.
    • is it possible to send people their login; or even include it in the link to get pre-filled on the login page (option a above)?
  • Needs integration with SocialProfile extension
    • Flow them into user profile creation on first login?
  • should send email to admin on requests


  • "user profiles" -> "member profiles" (instead of "user-profiles"); and in general talk about WaterWiki members, not -users.
  • break Personal Information display down into sections
  • add residence-country flag on user-profile (based on tagging)
  • link to Special:Contributions. List last X contributions in profile.

Add AutoSuggest / Tree or Tag Cloud or Drop Down for these fields, as Category if appropriate

  • Location (luxury version: also convert City into a GeoTAG!)
  • TimeZome (dropdown)
  • Employment->Organization
  • Employment->Location (new field)(both country and water_basin)
  • Employment->Keywords (new field)(tag cloud)
  • Previous Work Experience (tag cloud)
  • Countries/Organzation/WaterBasins/Issues

New fields

  • Birthday -> Add year of birth (maybe as separate field?) (still only MM/DD)
  • Websites = My websites (not included yet)

Profile Admin

Community Portal Pages

Encourage participation and connection

  • lists all members with avatar, maybe also position & organization, location (to replace the now manual CoP-Members page)
  • GoogleMap where the Wiki-member lives (city), has lived, work experience, ..?
  • ability to create groups! (with invitation, alert and privacy setting functionalities)
  • A link on/next to tags, organizations, places, etc., which by clicking would list all other members with same tags
  • display "similar users" (same tags - but only those who are NOT "friends/contacts" yet) similarly as we display "related" pages on other WaterWiki-pages

Advanced "Community Portal" functionalities

    • tag-cloud showing experience of other users/members
    • see who's online (e.g. by green dot)
    • interactive Skype-button (other IM?)
    • filter / sort functionalities
    • list (last 3) contributions for each member
    • display top 5 recommendations
    • specially mark "newest" members, "top contributors", etc. (??)
    • members' networks and groups visualization (??)
    • chat function (??)
    • "MY PAGE"?
    • option to choose synch w/Workspaces, Ning, LinkedIn, facebook, or other relevant social networks (and UNDP's "Teamworks" later on); with option to determine wich fields to be synched in which direction
    • RSS-feed of activity of the member on other platforms (those synch'd with)
    • visualization of friends-network (1st an 2nd degree)
    • integration with (and displaying the member's activity on):
      • Discussion Forum with full group-mail functionalities (possibly based on UNDP workspaces or Google-groups)
      • Blog functionalities (e.g. for WaterWiki newsletters plus feedback)
      • advanced "contributions" tab/section, e.g. showing thumbnails of uploaded pictures / video's (integration with external platform like flickr / YouTube)
        • recommend / thumbs-up functionalities for others to chose from (OR ALTERNATIVE SIMPLY ALSO APPLY RECOMMENDATION STARS)