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Assigned Development Tasks

See also: User:Katy.norman/tasks | User:Petr.Hrncir/tasks | User:Juerg.staudenmann/worklist | User:Mikel/Tasks

New Tasks

tag all maps (e.g. used in Case Studies) with "Map" and their respective geographic tags (so they are found & displaye by the DPL on top of WB, Country, Region pages - example: India)

revisit the cross-tagging of categories and pages (WBs, countries, Regions) - do we need them all, really?

systematically tag all articles

add "WSS Status"-chapters to Country page that feeds from World bank's pages on Wikipedia (and synchronize with all country-pages if not done automatically)

transform the COHRE Manual on the Right to Water and Sanitation (exec summary) into arrticles and definitions (e.g. Service provider - maybe as HRBA/service provider etc.?)

update, improve, complement HRBA materials (tollkit, programme, assessments, bilbiography, etc.)

distribute projects (with Google-Maps) to different pages - to reduce load-time.

Pending Tasks

  • Get DPL-infoboxes work directly out of an uploaded xls-sheet