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Content & Structure for Different Categories of Pages

What should be included in a page-type template AND how it should be laid out?

Site Wide

Back button
would be very useful. the breadcrumbs do not always work.
on top display all sub-pages
(like with "mother"-pages) in some nice format (frame, bold, color?)
This will enable us to split articles in two, or also have several ways of displaying data (with transclusions) according to certain topics;, example: The UN-Water Task Force that works on mapping of UN agencies & work per country, will need a sub-page to display their findings. data from there could/should be displayed on the "frontpage" though. Or the "Lessons" sub-page for each project, which we want to keep veeeery simple and similar to the talk-pages with the |+|-tab, as to encourage people to quickly add something without having the feeling they are now editing the entire page.

visualization of stats
  • last 3 authors | date - having trouble making this work using DPL (see sandbox 17)
  • views/visits to date / over the past 3/6 months / latest
  • latest comments (showing first line + author of latest discussion-contribution) -- obviously preferably near to the |Comment this| button
  • MAIN PAGE link in left-hand toolbar - the current link to 'about Waterwiki' does not direct users to the main page. Both should be in the navigation bar.
Rate this / Comment
  • rating stars (search for advanced extension that allows aggregating most popular etc.)
  • |Comment/discuss this| button on top somewhere (close to rating stars)
Email this article | Printer Friendly version | Bookmark (delicious) | etc.
"Related"-box OR "Further Resources" chapter at end or article (non-directly-editable)
based on same tags
  • WaterWiki-pages with same tags, filtered depending on page-type, ordered, truncated to 1 line, max. 5 per same type
  • "on other UN-websites:
  • UNESCO-Encyclopedia articles (display title and first line(s) of abstract
  • external web-resources (drawing from socially bookmarked websites through Delicious or similar)
  • news?
  • TABS - instead of text tabs, some nice visual alternatives (e.g for edit, info and talk) on http://wikispot.org/Create_a_wiki

  • < # back-links | # (blue/red) forward-links >

example: <| 5 || 16/3 |>

http://blog.wikispaces.com/2008/03/bringing-color-to-your-wiki.html - a new (2008) feature that allows users to change the color, font, size or alignment of text on your page. A MUST HAVE
|_search-box_| (GO)
on top, right hand, larger font (a bit like GenderWiki)
using the auto-fill function with a menue that can reach all the way down across the current page
  • tags of the current page displayed under the search-box
  • Did you mean: ... (below search-box and tags-box, if this page was called-up via search-box)

little |?|-boxes at strategic locations with mouse-over hover-box including quick explanations / instructions)

page titles display with type in parenthesis or as pseudo-prefix
e.g. in search results, auto-suggest, DynamiPageList-lists and transclusions

  • back-to-top link close to headings or section-edit-link

Experience/Lessons Learned

We decided this will be included in the case study page. (see below)

Home Page

KEEP IT SIMPLE AND AESTHETICALLY PLEASING! Each separate section clerly defined - similar to wikigender

A big water drop as the background or header like http://www.wasrag.org/?? - generally less white and more colour e.g. titles of all pages set against a blue background and main content on an off-white background similar to http://wikispot.org/Front_Page
  • Welcome text
  • About WW section with explicit link to Q&A about WW
  • Calendar of upcoming events using the DPL calendar function http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:DPL_Calendar (OR SOMETHING NICER, WikiGender?, http://www.wsp.org/)
  • 'Find Information by country, region, water basin / topic / type'
  • featured contributor / case study / ..?.. or most recent contributions as on http://www.aboutus.org/ see sandbox 17
  • Top content: Popular pages; highest / mostly ranked pages; most linked-to pages see 'sandbox 17
  • Most recently added content + number of articles on the wiki - see sandbox 17
  • Latest related news inc. upcoming events and/or latest socially bookmarked external website(s) - then http://www.waterwiki.net/index.php/News can be deleted
  • Upcoming events - with a link to all recent events.
  • Editorial support (option for users to email content to editor to add) - e.g "Do you have good content that you would like to contribute, but you lack the time to do so? Would you like to propose a new item? Send your content/ideas to waterwiki administrator
  • Feedback - link to feedback page http://www.waterwiki.net/index.php/Feedback
  • Contact us at the bottom of the page nr 'this page has been accesssed x times'
  • Photos flashing/ link to photo gallery
  • Donation - allows users to donate to support the maintenance of and overall ww project??? IS THIS ALLOWED?? (e.g. http://www.audacityteam.org/wiki/index.php?title=Audacity_Wiki:Site_support)


See also Country page mockup

of country (Google with pointers for videos, projects, ..?)
dynamic (automatic) content, not directly editable (possibly edit-link that leads to the source)
It might make sense to create sub-pages for some of these automatic lists, e.g. the RSS-ed in relevant news (Kazakhstan/news), which (a)would be transcluded (truncated) onto the main page with |+/-| functionality to collapse/expand (seen on Wikimedia-page!) and (b) for those wanting to see the whole list
  • Latest news/updates from the country. Possibly as RSS feed from UNDP country office (and other UN-) websites? Possibly with |+/-|-function to expand/collapse the news-bits.
  • Country basic facts ("fast facts"), transcluded e.g. from Wikipedia (population, density, urban-rural indicators, HDI, MDG 7 indicators?)
I quite like the WikiGender's slim dispaly of country facts & figures
  • Water-relevant country facts and figures (internal links to water basins in country;total renewable water sources; total water withdawals; population with safe access to improved water source/improves sanitation; annual precipitation; ratification of major treaties (yes=date/no); ) in an information box, right aligned with LIGHT RED/SALMON background to make distinct from other pages.
  • Country water profile - incl. water resources; water management; water policy and legislative context; current/past projects (regional and national); lessons learned;
  • Useful reports re: country
  • Contacts / Who is who - automated links (DynamicPageList-function) for CoP-members
  • projects (by tag=COUNTRY; sorted by date w/newest on top)
  • events ?? (together with news maybe?)

(regular) Wiki-section(s)
  • free text
  • "see also" - other articles manually added + materials on UN sites & external links.
  • References (bug in this function needs to be resolved)

Work in progress on layout --> http://www.waterwiki.net/index.php/Country_page_mockup


  • Map of region
  • Latest news/updates from the region. Possibly as RSS feed from UNDP regional bureau websites?
  • Water-related regional facts and figures (internal links to countries & water basins in region;total renewable water sources; total water withdawals) in an information box, right aligned with LIGHT GREEN background to make distinct from rest of page.
  • Regional water profile - incl. general water and sanitation situation in the region (with links to more specific situation in countries if the region); main challenges in the region; priority areas and activities; current/past projects in the region;
  • Useful reports from the region
  • Contacts - automated links (DynamicPageList-function) for CoP-members
  • "see also" - other articles manually added + materials on UN sites & external links.
  • References (bug in this function needs to be resolved)

Work in progress on layout --> http://www.waterwiki.net/index.php/Region_page_mockup

Water Basins

  • Map of water basin
  • Water Basin Facts and Figures in an information box right-aligned with LIGHT BLUE background to make distinct from rest of page. - Basin countries and region (+ internal links to each page); Surface Area; Average Depth; Water Volume; Altitude; Rainfall; Evaporation; Runoff; Primary Inflow; Primary Outflow; Land Use = Pasture? Irrigation? Dry farming; Flood History; Hydropoweruse;
  • Latest news and update about the water basin -- RSS feed?
  • water basin profile - expanding more on the facts given in the information box + current and past projects
  • Main issues and challenges in the Basin
  • Useful reports
  • Contacts - automated links (DynamicPageList-function) for CoP-members operating in basin
  • "see also" - other articles manually added that are relevant on WW + materials on UN sites & external links

Initial thought on layout --> http://www.waterwiki.net/index.php/Water_basin_page_mockup (the idea is to make page consistent in format with the country/region pages)


Most experimental project entry: National IWRM and Water Efficiency Plan for Kazakhstan

for UNDP: through an interface using data from e.g. http://home.undp.org portfolio function, for other agency/databases: using similar interfaces to fill similar template on WW (MIKEL?); with back-link ("See / edit original") that would open the original data-source in a separate window
PROVIDE WIKI-FIELDS WHERE NO DATA IS AVAILABLE (e.g. contact, geographic scope, time frame)
Elements (template on WaterWiki):
  • Project ID (specific, depending on agency & data source, used as ID for transcluded text)
  • Title
  • Type/modality
  • Lead-organisation (basically where the data is transcluded from)
  • Partners (if available)
  • Geographic scope (info from data source; manual tagging in addition - see below)
  • Timeframe (Start / Duration / End)
  • Status (planned/ongoing/completed - derived either from database or function of timeframe data)
  • Budget (at least total, possibly more info as available such as sources of funding)
  • URL/link to database-entry
  • Contact (if available from database, else make Wiki-field)

Wiki-text fields as chapters or sub-pages transcluded to mainpage with |+/-| function, for
  • Synopsis/description/objectives (providing main details of the project)
  • Involved partner oganizations - possibly a drop-down menu (multiple-checking) / linking to the Wiki-pages of the orgs.
  • Lessons (sub-page)
  • Additional info (Contacts, documents, comments)
  • "See also" (aiming at internal and external URLs, Related projects / activities, ...)

  • Map (Google or polygon)
  • tag geographically: country/-ies and region(s)


(one page for each term)

In text box with coloured background...

  • Title
  • WHO-Definition with references
  • Translations (at least the 6 UN-languages)

Then below outside of the box in the wiki...

  • Suggested alternative definitions (by users)


In an information box the same as used on organisation pages...

  • Title
  • Author
  • Date
  • Type/format (e.g. report, book, review, journal, paper, on-line resource, ppt-presentation, ...) -> we may operate here with additional tags (instead or in addition)
  • URL
  • librarian/official citation string ??

Then separate chapters (boxes) for...

  • Synopsis/description/abstract (include executive summary of publication)
  • picture of front page if colourful
  • PDF/Doc of full publication
  • "see also" - manually added links to pages on previous publications in same series (e.g. IPCC 2001 and 1995 reports on 2007 page), or related publications.
tags & geographic scope (country-tree?)


  • Organisation logo, right-aligned in top corner

In left-aligned information box:

  • Name
  • Geographic Scope
  • Focus/Expertise
  • Contact - incl address, tel, fax, email, url

Then a separate chapter for..

  • Description
  • Mission/mandate
  • Information/resources/tools (of potential use to water cop + embed organisation's webpage to make page more physically attractive and unique from other page types)
  • Publications
  • Work on the Ground
  • "See also" - manually added links to other WW pages related to the organisation

This is the format adopted for UN-water organisations. See http://www.waterwiki.net/index.php/FAO for an example


completely new extension with facebook-like functionalities
  • ability to "friend" (or "foe") people, visualized in networks (close to myself, 2nd degree, etc.)
  • build groups (CoPs / task forces / ...) and invite others
  • tag yourself and see "related" people (with most-common-tag-people on top)
  • see who's online / chat-function (or via Skype)?
  • possibility to link / synch (bi-directionally) your profile with external platforms (UNDP/BRC workspace, LinkedIn, Xing, facebook, ...)


  • Photo right-aligned
  • Location (Google-mapped)
  • Name
  • Nationality
  • Title
  • Contact details - tel, fax, skype, email
  • Experience (tags?)
  • Contributions to WaterWiki
  • About myself / What water means to me
  • Friends on Water wiki - social networking extension, where users can message each other, and comment/congratulate others on content of their uploads/organise meetings etc
  • Recent activity using the DPL function - as on http://www.waterwiki.net/index.php/User:Katy.norman

Thematic Areas / Portal-pages

PORTAL PAGES that contain:

  • synopsis / short description
  • cleverly filtered / assembled tag-clouds

OR SHOULD WE SIMPLY TREAT THESE AS REGULAR PAGES? And only "promote" them to the status of "thematic pages" through listing them manually somewhere in the vicinity of the homepage (e.g. sup-page "find knowledge by themes": Main_page/themes

--> same could be done for e.g. a country portal-page (where the interactive map would be too), a type portal-page, etc.

Case Studies

ORIENT OURSELVES ON / USE STRUCTURE FROM EXISTING CASE STUDIES, e.g. from the WWDR Case studies the WWAP is ready to share with us for uploading; or from IW:LEARN...

In text box..

  • Title
  • Location
  • Organisation
  • Status and Duration
  • Summary
  • Contacts - (automated links (DynamicPageList-function) for CoP-members

The separate chapter for..

  • Experience - (providing general information/overview about the project/experience)
  • Lessons learned
  • "See also" - internal and external links to related materials (WW, UN websites, & external links)


(need a general Q&A page to answer the questions UN water-members and potential partners have been asking re. waterwiki and the differences between ww and the many other KM tools they have


  • list of other categories that are used together with the respective one, with listed pages
  • tag-cloud with all secondary categories
  • external web-resources (drawing from socially bookmarked websites through Delicious or similar)



wizards as help
xyz pages too?
  • new page
  • insert file/image/video/media

"What's this" / |?| buttons all over the Wiki, that (I) pop-up short description if mouse-over and (II) link/lead to extended help-sections



  • URL
  • Title
  • "Owner" / author
  • Synopsis

Ajiniyaz asked me this morning for a database which orders countries by water per capita, so I think this may be a good idea. I pointed him to the UN Water member pages where this information now exists, but this information needs to exist for non-UN water members also.