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Below are a list of templates in use (is there a way to list them all?). We may want to move this to a section in the Help pages.

  • Template:Europe & CIS
  • Template:Country
  • Sandbox14 (Geography)
  • Template:Collapsible option (protected)
  • Template:Continent-based templates
  • Template:Documentation (protected)
  • Template:Documentation subpage (protected)
  • Template:Documentation/docname (protected)
  • Template:Lower (protected)
  • Template:Navbox (protected)
  • Template:Nowrap begin (protected)
  • Template:Nowrap end (protected)
  • Template:Regions of the world/doc
  • Template:Rh
  • Template:Tl (protected)
  • Template:Tnavbar (protected)
  • Template:Tnavbar-header (protected)
  • Template:· (protected)
  • Template:·w (protected)
  • Template:·wrap (protected)
  • Template:•w (protected)
  • Template:•wrap (protected)
Toolkits, FAQs, How-To's
Formating and var. templates

‎* Template:Under construction

Behind-the-scene templates

Automated List of all