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  • various scripts to copy over pages, users, and files are in /home/root/waterwiki/
    • export.py: xml export from old waterwiki
    • import.pl: import
    • uploaded files have been copied over and references imported into database. still need to keep an eye on things (user identifiers are different, and not all db fields are filled out) .. but this should be basically working.


Hacks and Skins

  • includes/Sanitizer.php: added img tag, and src/width/height attributes, to whitelists
  • includes/Article.php: doEdit has option timestamp argument. revision gets set with this timestamp
  • maintenance/importTextFile.php: timestamp option
  • includes/Linker.php: makeMediaLinkObj hacked to display with nice icons.
  • includes/Parser.php: doTransclude
  • http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Multiple_starting_text_hack
    • includes/Linker.php : MakeBrokenLinkObj
    • Step 3 replaced by modified boilerplate extension
  • includes/media/Bitmap.php: added $wgClientScaler option. This forces client scaling (so we can have bitmaps
  • includes/SpecialUpload.php : make uploads behave as attachments
  • includes/SkinTemplate.php : make uploads behave as attachments
  • skins/MonoBook.php: added translate button to sidebar

Design Notes

http://waterwiki.net/index.php/MediaWiki:Common.css http://waterwiki.net/index.php/MediaWiki:Monobook.css


  • Template:Europe & CIS
  • Template:Country
  • Sandbox14 (Geography)
  • Template:Collapsible option (protected)
  • Template:Continent-based templates
  • Template:Documentation (protected)
  • Template:Documentation subpage (protected)
  • Template:Documentation/docname (protected)
  • Template:Lower (protected)
  • Template:Navbox (protected)
  • Template:Nowrap begin (protected)
  • Template:Nowrap end (protected)
  • Template:Regions of the world/doc
  • Template:Rh
  • Template:Tl (protected)
  • Template:Tnavbar (protected)
  • Template:Tnavbar-header (protected)
  • Template:· (protected)
  • Template:·w (protected)
  • Template:·wrap (protected)
  • Template:•w (protected)
  • Template:•wrap (protected)
Toolkits, FAQs, How-To's
Formating and var. templates

‎* Template:Under construction

Behind-the-scene templates

See also: ALL TEMPLATES (how to list them??) | Uncategorized templates | Unused templates


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Todo (first priority, bugs & fixes)

Bugs to be fixed still -> Mikel

  • the bread-crumbs display also "favicon.ico" (e.g. HRBA2WatGov/background > Favicon.ico > Human Rights-Based Approach > Favicon.ico > Human Rights-Based Approach)
  • Find solution to fix "show/hide" functionality in TOC (there is a conflict with "changeTdavext" function in mediawiki core js, and rating.js from rating plugin)
  • make the Wiki add 2 instead of only 1 empty line-breaks at the end of a chapter (after having edited it via chapter-edit-link) to give more space before the subsequent chapter heading
  • fix

'''[[TITLE]] and [[TITLE]]-code''' ** The display and transclusions of project-tags isn't working properly yet -> style! (see e.g. displays on Region or Bulgaria#UNDP-Projects)

    • Problem when starting a new page by adding a new

[[NEW TITLE]] or

[[NEW TITLE]] link in an existing page: when clicking on the new link, it doesn't open a new page (with template), but some code instead..

    • for both codes: fix that it "behaves" like other internal links (e.g. shows as (standard) red link that leads to the "add article" dialog if no page exists yet)

    • would be helpful if transcluded text (when clicking 'show/hide' "button") would appear e.g. in a box with light background color (helps people to see what belongs to translusion, and what's the next itme on the page itself).
--> Can I change what's behind

[[TITLE]] and [[TITLE]] ? Is it templates? Proving difficult to make this an internal link, since the links take arguments. The format itself is in the plugin; if another minor styling change is needed, I'd be the one to fix it.

  • -> OK then:
    • at present there is huge line breaks before "under development" and all subsequent transclusions; can it be reduced?
    • please let the Wiki add three ... after any truncation
  • Find solution to fix "show/hide" functionality in TOC (there is a conflict with "changeText" function in mediawiki core js, and rating.js from rating plugin)
  • make the Wiki add 2 instead of only 1 empty line-breaks at the end of a chapter (after having edited it via chapter-edit-link) to give more space before the subsequent chapter heading

Later -> Juerg

  • Adjust navigation MediaWiki:Sidebar_new in due time (with new functions like translation, wizzards, etc.)
    • link to (create functions behind) links in main navigation (e.g. TopRatedPages)
  • Listing and sorting functionalities:
    • e.g. Users without the "user:"-prefix (like on Special:Listusers
    • How to make use of Special:Newpages & Co., i.e. format in a different way, include in a tbale (top-content) etc.?

Requiring a Bot (or volunteer) -> Johanne
  • Overhaul all "templates" (= forms that can be chosen for new pages):
    • in project pages (and template) exchange "Region" with "Location"

Maybe the AutoWikiBrowser could be used for that. --Johanne 06:32, 7 August 2008 (CEST)

-> This may indeed be the solution. Do I understand correctly that this is not a plug-in, but a separately (and locally) installed programme (on Windows)? Or what would it need for you to install so that I (and others) could use? --Juerg 13:18, 9 August 2008 (CEST)

Side-question: I also saw on that page a very nice feature to show/hide text in the Versions chapter. Can you tell what this would require? when opening the edit dialogue it looks like a

{{Template}} but with "Wikipedia:"-prefix??..


-> Frantisek Korbel

Add YouTube-window extension!

Add a WYSIWYG-extension
paying special attention on table-functionalities
(try out in dev-box to see what happens with TABLESEC pages...)

Add web-page display extension (

<anysite> )

Tag-cloud (revisit)
review the existing and compare to other available extensions
(from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Folksonomy#Compromise_with_top-down_taxonomies)
  • to display different master categories as different or "segmented" tag clouds
  • OR with different colors within the tag-cloud, e.g.
    • geography tags = brown
    • water body tags = blue
    • 'type'-tag (report, CoP-member, country-page, etc.) = grey
    • organization-tag = green
    • "real" keywords = black
    • etc...
  • make tag-cloud available also for (advanced) search functions, on main or different "entry-" pages, etc.
  • TO BE FIXED IN EXISTING (as possible):
    • It sees not all Categories are displayed in the tag-cloud entry-window (see e.g. Kazakhstan-page: "Mapped"-Category does not show -> intended that way?)
    • Categories are not displayed when editing only by sections

Advanced Navigation (Side-Bar)

Search / implement extension to restrict selected pages (define users/groups that can see it).
For instance http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Page_access_restriction
All possibilities: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Category:Page_specific_user_rights_extensions

-> Others

Install UNIWIKI upload (and other nice) plug-ins
  • new page / using templates (if I can still easy-enough change the templates, similar as we do now
  • discussion plug-in ?
  • is there stuff like "latest contributions" (or can the Special:Newpages-page be reformated somehow into a nicer / more user-friendly look?), or "top contributors, or a way of showing on each page itself who the latest 3 contributors were with date and link to their user-pages?

  • re-insert Google-map in start-page OR BETTER: Tell me (= write-up in Advanced Help-pages) options for usage of Google-Map, for purposes of display:
    • selecting what items to display or not (projects and/or people and/or videos etc.);
    • possibilities to influence appearance of pointers, position & zoom level, size of Google Map, etc.
    • creating Google-mapped "latest mapped contributions/edits", or similar and as possible
      • like the Wikipedia-edits on Google-map application, but showing the latest - say - 20 contributions (e.g. as yellow blinking markers)
      • Instead of IP-location use geo-tag of pages (e.g. river basin or project site) if there; if not use IP-location as in above application
      • according to Christan Kreutz (GTZ), this can (easily) be done through Yahoo-tube..
--> task for Adriana Miljkovic: add geo-tag to all country-pages; create water basin pages and add geo-tags, etc.
-> Mikel: Can't we use the Google-map streams you created for E&E page (filtering water-tagged projects) to populate the Google-Map in WaterWiki somehow?

You can see an example map on Sandbox2

Here's the command. "style" is any css styling you want.

<googlemap lat="15" lon="0" zoom="2" width="700" height="350" rss1="http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Map_RSS?action=xml" style="none"></googlemap>

rss1 is the URL of the GeoRSS feed of all mapped articles. If you edit Map_RSS, you'll see it's simply a DynamicPageList. "category=mapped" and "mode=rss" are required. You can add any other DPL instructions you like -- other categories, ordering, etc. So it should be posible to filter, show the last 20 contributions etc.

Styling of Markers is not possible right now. And there's no use of IP-geolocation.

On your last question .. how would like to use that? Just for display is possible, but maybe out of scope at the moment.

"Google Suggest" (http://www.google.com/webhp?complete=1&hl=en) IF POSSIBLE
popping-up results (page titles) while typing (e.g. when staring to type "Kazh" a pop-up menu would suggestion already "Kazakhstan" as well as "Kahazak approach to WatGov" as well as "River Basin organizations in Kazakhstan" etc...
  • in Wiki standard search (navigationn bar), popping up page titles (also categories maybe??)
  • in tag-cloud entry line, popping up (suggesting) available tags
can it draw besides page titles also other namespaces like e.g. on Categories, or be selective based on page types (e.g. User:XYZ yes, but no Template:XYZ)?
--> see also custom google search for WaterWiki that Jura created: http://www.google.com/coop/cse?cx=007944255158245516573%3Aindr_pkxtb0

installed plugins. works on both search, and category selection. Extension currently only works for page titles in main namespace.

  • like on http://www.iwlearn.net/
  • Or integrate Google-translation menu into WaterWiki navigation (above or below "toolbox")
code: <script src="http://www.gmodules.com/ig/ifr?url=http://www.google.com/ig/modules/translatemypage.xml&up_source_language=en&w=160&h=60&title=&border=&output=js"></script>

(see http://translate.google.com/translate_tools?hl=en)

more generally (!!check what Frantisek is doing on the Navigation bar first!!): Is there an extension that allows some more advanced design of the navigation bar?
If and when "underway already" with any extension(s) for the navigation-bar
  • Please use a plug-in that would for instance also allow roll-down (or -out) menu. Example:

_FIND knowledge ...

  • .. by keyword / topic
  • .. geographically
  • FAQ / Toolkits
  • How-To..
  • Lessons Learned
  • Who's Who
  • Glossary
  • GOOGLE WaterWiki

There are plugins like http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:TreeAndMenu, which can be used to change the sidebar menu (and I recommend it to reduce clutter!). It's out of scope for me to style this properly, so will leave it for now

2) (optional) Can they somehow meaningful be combined with "you are here" info, based on hierarchical categories (once we will have that)?
  • Example: A report page could have two top-lines:

'materials>reports' [historical bread-crumbs] Installed BreadCrumbs Extension. It can be styled in MediaWiki:Common.css. http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:BreadCrumbs2 provides hierarchical categories, for when organization is in place later

Dynamic Page Listing - "simply" upgrade ot newest one that allows formating of output, sorting etc etc
Is this the latest? Does it offer e.g. filtering by more than 2 categories; advnaced sorting; etc.?
  • If not, are there other (better) alternatives?
  • Is it possible to show also stuff like e.g. "last three contributors" in a little list that also includes date/time and maybe link to display difference s/he made? (I'm thinking of a template that could be inserted to articles)

We have this installed. It's not the latest version, but pretty full featured. Our version has some local modifications, so be careful if you decide to update later. And no, it can show last three contributors, but can show the users on the last three changes (that might be the same person however.

From old discussion with Anjesh
The new version of this extension has more features. it seems that new vesion of this extension doesn't work in old mediawiki (including current waterwiki). [1] (old: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:DynamicPageList)

It (dyanmic pagelist) allows wiki users to dynamically create lists of pages based on a variety of selection criteria like categories, namespaces, title, references to other articles, usage of templates. Selection criteria can be combined using logical AND and OR. It has more options than previous version. shows some of its usage.

--> Please include a short advanced help-section on usage of DynamicPageListing There's quite an extensive manual, linked above. I'd suggest going through that. If there are a couple examples you think would be helpful, I can set those up to start

REF-extension [1]

Cite extenstion installed. User <ref> to make a reference, and <references/> to list all references

  • If the current offers also output-variables (filtering, sorting, display of namespaces (e.g. getting rid of the "User:"-prefix if needed), and if you have time please provide short description in the advanced help section. - At least provide link to extension-description, please.

http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:WikiCategoryTagCloud. There's some filtering possible, but otherwise options are display options.


Advanced search-extension or alternative search-engine ("localized" Google or verity?) that
  1. also indexes attached/uploaded documents in database (with adequate options, e.g. to turn this on/off) - this would be Lucene search. --Johanne 06:36, 7 August 2008 (CEST)
  2. allows more intelligent search (e.g. "SDC" doesn't bring any search-results, although it's there a hundret times..
--> Google has disadvantage that it indexes with delay
--> Verity, used by Bratislava / Jura only owkr on same server (need to move WaterWki and/or buy a second license

wizards / user-interface / functions / incentives and visibility

Overall task
Research existing MediaWiki-platforms (like http://water.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page; http://www.stressipedia.de; http://x.mepemepe.com/wiki/Main_Page) and assess what's existing and potentially applicable on WaterWiki.
  1. Check for "low-hanging fruits" (no big discussion needed, directly applicable) --> DO IT
  2. Check for ideas / solutions that require more in-depth investigation, discussion and/or programming --> include in "To Investigate" section below (explaining the options / suggested way ahead / etc.)

"Add new page" wizard
that would open a dialog box "hand-holding" that leads the user through the steps (incl. "templates" and tagging)

--> get inspired by Wikia and Uniwiki

"Upload/Attach file" wizard
  • change "upload file" to "upload/attach file" and create wizard/dialog box that opens which guides the user through the upload and link-creation procedure
    • asks the user what to upload (check if pic to be displayed, file to open, etc.)
    • where to display/create a link (multiple pages possible with "internal browse function"?), by default suggesting page where the user started from
    • etc.
    • should also work when starting from within any edit-mode!!

Top Content / most read / most active users / etc.
  • Top-rated pages
  • Most visited/popular // most read pages
  • Most recently added / latest pages
  • Most active authors / contributors
  • "Recommended by.." / Essential readings / Featured-lists

See User:Johanne.Jeanbaptiste/Test

"Feedback" or user-dialog wizard
dialog-box linked to a "Report a problem" / "make a suggestion" / etc. that
  • recognizes what page the user is on when reporting (history?)
  • generates data to help identify where users seems to be confused or get lost or lose interest..
  • suggests some general issues on a menu to chose from (page is expired; page contains spam/unwanted content; content is incorrect / vandalized; ..)
  • links to solutions in case one has by mistake opened this dialog (user-login; help-page; suggestion-box)
  • inspired by the Wikia - solution: Click on the "report a problem"-tab from any page (but no need really to create a tab for this...)

display editor-info and discussions
  • more prominently on the main "article-page"
  • in addition to (= not replacing) the classic history- and disussion-tabs / pages

behind the scene issues

Add code to enable Google Analytics:

Instructions for adding tracking

Legacy Tracking Code (urchin.js)

Copy the following code block into every webpage you want to track immediately before the </body> tag. If your site has dynamic content you can use a common include or a template.

New Tracking Code (ga.js)

Use this tracking code to gain access to a wide range of exciting new features as they become available.

<script type="text/javascript"> var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); </script> <script type="text/javascript"> var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3346618-1"); pageTracker._initData(); pageTracker._trackPageview(); </script>

'Legacy Tracking Code (urchin.js)

Refer to this tracking code if your site already has urchin.js installed. Please note that urchin.js will not receive feature updates and is not compatible with new features.

<script src="http://www.google-analytics.com/urchin.js" type="text/javascript"> </script> <script type="text/javascript"> _uacct = "UA-3346618-1"; urchinTracker(); </script>

  • Note: We recommend that you do not include both tracking code snippets together on any given page. Doing so might generate inaccurate report data. You can, however, migrate select pages of your site to the new tracking code while the legacy code remains on others.
  • What if I'm not the person who updates the website? Email the code above and instructions to your technical team or website administrator. Once they have added this tracking code to your website, click 'Check status' from the Analytics Settings page to find out if your website is being tracked and data is being collected.


  • activate WaterWiki.Net as domain for "WaterWiki 2.0"
  • * fix (?) the collor-tag features (see above comment that is supposed to be in color..)
    • use <font color="red">test</font> or <span style="color:green">test</span>
  • it's not loading all revisions currently. importTextFile.php needs to take date argument
  • create users from old waterwiki
    • OR: move info on User-pages
  • uploaded files from old waterwiki
  • make Categories functional (??) and implement (a simple) tag-cloud extension (aren't categories functional now?)
  • fix rating-stars: it's not re-loading / calculating the new average after clicking (and all with "0 ratings" already show one star..??)
  • User namespace by default enabled in search? possible? (yes)
  • and replace

[[Media:XYZ.xyz]] by [[Media:XYZ.xyz]]

    • and bring back the cute file icons
    • format so that file upload links can be made inline
  • images aren't being included in pages properly
  • include tag-cloud in edit view (like "used templates" etc.), and enable tag-assigning to the article by clicking on the respective category in the cloud.
  • page-titles with a "/" in it seem either not migrated from the old WaterWiki, or do not display. E.g.: WaterWiki_Toolkit/Next_Steps or Workspace/EE-CoP-Meeting 2006 (see link from Workspaces)
  • improve layout of mini google map -> e.g. as "floating box"
  • reduce size of the 5 rating-stars and move them on top-right of each page as floating box (NO better like now-Juerg 10:20, 12 December 2007 (CET))
  • <strike>allow text on same line as file-links (with symbol) / embedding of file-link into text-flow
  • Enable/solve mailing issues ("WaterWiki Admin (admin@waterwiki.net) and "WaterWiki Support" (support@waterwiki.net))
  • Remove rating stars from the "new-article-dialog", "edit" and similar support-pages
  • make the Wiki add 2 instead of only 1 empty line-breaks at the end of a chapter (after having edited it via chapter-edit-link) to give more space before the subsequent chapter heading

  • Fix TABLESEC-hack (if possible):
    • there's a (minor but stiill) formating issue with horizontal alignment of headings PLUS text (at least in Firefox)..?
    • formating of headings other than 2nd order seems not working, both within the "TABELSEC-section" and below (see Sandbox1 / Bucknall,_et_al._2003._Irrigation_in_Central_Asia or 1.
    • IF POSSIBLE: Make use of other-than-2nd-level title possible, or maybe use different coding for the table-headings (++Author++ or something similar). Special formating should stop after the __TABLSEC__ code. maybe replace this by <TABELSEC> and </TABLESEC> (or shorter code-name). Or at least enable somehow headings after TABLESEC..
  • Transclusions seem not to work properly anymore (related to DynamicPageList??)
    • e.g. in the lessons-page: Lessons_Learned#Extracted_Lessons_from_Projects

--> Working again. Note that only a second-order section can be transcluded, and in the first DynamicPageList a first-order section name is specified.

  • fix

<Project>TITLE</Project > and

[[TITLE]] -code

    • The display and transclusions of project-tags isn't working properly yet -> style! (see e.g. displays on Region or Bulgaria#UNDP-Projects)
    • Problem when starting a new page by adding a new

[[NEW TITLE]] or

[[NEW TITLE]] link in an existing page: when clicking on the new link, it doesn't open a new page (with template), but some code instead..

    • for both codes: fix that it "behaves" like other internal links (e.g. shows as (standard) red link that leads to the "add article" dialog if no page exists yet)
    • would be helpful if transcluded text (when clicking 'show/hide' "button") would appear e.g. in a box with light background color (helps people to see what belongs to translusion, and what's the next item on the page itself).

--> Can I change what's behind

[[TITLE]] and

[[TITLE]] ? Is it templates?

  • images:
    • problem with thumbnail of pics (see User:Joakim.harlin - Joakim_Harlin.jpg can be displayed in full resolution, but not as thumbnail for some reason..?)
    • seems bmp-images can't be displayed (e.g. Image:Ferghana_water_map.bmp). Can an extension for other-than-jpg pics be installed, please?

-> BMP's are just going to need to be manually gardened out

  • e-mail issues:
    • set up SMTP for emails sent during reg
    • make sure UNDP users login with their LDAP details. moderate new accounts. or set up similar to crabgrass (with sso)
    • fix (enable?) E-mail related user-functions (e.g. send me password, "Confirm your e-mail address" functionalities, etc.)
      • (Might this be linked to the LDAP / crabgrass solution..?)

Email now working properly. UNDP users can use LDAP. Account moderation and integration with sso is out of scope for the time being

  • check the old Outstanding Dev Issues-list and see what still needs to be fixed (or became obsolete with the upgrade)
  • Syle/Font: make

=== title === a bit bigger and distinguishable from and ==== title ==== display (maybe letter one Italic) (a monoblock issue?)

  • <strike>remove (suppress in URL) "/index.php?" IF this is safe, i.e. not obstructing links, special-pages, search, etc. --> IT'S NOT SAFE!

re-do the upload/attach file hack like we had on the old WaterWiki (automatically adding a link at bottom of last displayed page when "uploading" a file)

To Investigate / second priority

Rating Star advanced functionalities

Are there functionalities like listing pages with highest rating, or most rated pages?? --> Kindly include short description in the help-section

Currently, no functionality for listing pages by rating. This would need additional development in the extension (Mikel Aug 08)

Translation options

Create (quasy static) RU mirror-pages to each existing page (e.g. with automated "_RU" extension; or use "/" to create (automated) sub-pages?) from where
  1. a knowledge farmer (or on-line volunteers) can take the raw text and create "nice Russian pages" (in the possibly coming RU WaterWiki section)
  2. RSS-feeds can be sent/exchanged with other Russian pages, e.g. the possibly-to-come Russian parallel WaterWiki (or can this be solved also with dynamic ad-hoc Google-translation?)

Modify formating options (Wikitext)?

Inspired by the new ws.UNDP.sk Workspace Wiki

Only if this makes sense in the first place, and also works with WYSIWYG and other extensions and functionalities. E.g.
  • headings by
    • equal signs only on the left

('=== Title' instead of '=== Title ===')

    • using '---' and '==='
  • *bold* and +italic+ (in addition ot the

'''bold''' and '' italic'' )

  • easy (-ier) table formating code

Automated linking

Are there options (extensions) that recognizes and "hyperlinks" (maybe only with mouse-over pop-ups that display short definition, offer menue with links to follow, etc.) certain text automatically (e.g. "IWRM" or "Water Governance"). Maybe also automatically displays existing page-titles that contain that text?

Advanced template / category functions

Category-tree (linked to tag-cloud extension) - IF NOT SOLVED YET
create templates to display category and sub-/parent-categories either in
tag-cloud or
expandable category-trees
  • to display different master categories as different or "segmented" tag clouds
  • OR with different colors within the tag-cloud, e.g.
    • geography tags = brown
    • water body tags = blue
    • 'type'-tag (report, CoP-member, country-page, etc.) = grey
    • organization-tag = green
    • "real" keywords = black
    • etc...

automated sorting-functions on Category-pages
    • alphabetical sorting
    • reverse chronological by editing (standard) or creation or ..
    • multiple-criteria: e.g. grouping CoP-Members - using the country-tags - automatically into "by-country"-chapters while automatically generating the adequate chapter headings (or at least a "jump-to" link-bar at the top of the page)

how to utilize the templates (e.g. Template:Countries) also for such functions like in-page section-links (see e.g. bricolage on Cop-Members)

User-profiles and management

  • Enable users to change their e-mails and passwords (and "real names" and other details) in their preferences by themselves. (hopefully this is not linked the fact that only SysOps can create (change?) logins)
  • Enable the direct "create account" functionality for newcomers, yet moderated: they would fill in their details and when submitting, a message would appear saying e.g. "Thank you for signing up to WaterWiki. Your membership request has been sent to the WaterWiki moderator; you will be informed via the e-mail address you provided, once your login has been approved".

--> see also "Wizards" section

  • Can user-management be "outsourced", to e.g. the new CoP-platform once it's up and running, i.e. utilize the data from there (similar to the solution with LDAP)

preferences and functionalities
  • e-mail confirmation function seems to work, but needs a genuine sender-address like "support@waterwiki.net" (question: should we crate a separate address for this and all user-management corespondance, e.g. "moderator@.." or "user-management@.." or ...?).
  • Changing e-mail features in "my preferences" (e.g. "E-mail me when a page I'm watching is changed") leads to error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined method AuthPlugin::updateExternalDB() in /home/_wiki/waterwiki/includes/SpecialPreferences.php on line 302

  • IMPORTANT: include "users" in the default namespaces for searches and other CM functionalitoes (as user-profile pages per se are important "content" in WaterWiki)

HIGHLIGHT WORDS with smart-text

(is that the correct expression?)

  • A box popping-up when you mouse-over words with dashed underlines
  • automated function that links such words (throughout WaterWiki), like "IWRM" to (a) a mouse-over pop-up that explains in 1 line what it is (Integrated Water Resource Management) with (b) a link to "more.." (opening the IWRM-page)
  • maybe linked to the issue of "synonyms" that interlink pages without having to create redirect-pages (e.g. IWRM and "Integrated Water Resources Management") --> This would (a) show people hat there ARE synonyms, (b) could possibly also help on the tagging / categorizing if we expand it to this and (c) such a first line/chapter on the page could serve as the smart-text like we used with showing the highlight-chapters of the country pages within the interactive map on WaterWiki 1
  • OVERARCHING AIM: turn a text-based age into a real learning doc, rather than a simple text where you have to manually search for every detail you don't understand, it tells you more on every second line...

(Display) Discussion / Review section on main page

  • a bit like the Amazon review-function: Below the rating stars, list up user-comments and a "add yours" window (either at the bottom or right after the stars before the first entry)
  • to save space, for instance truncate and only display the first 1-2 lines with link to full entry (chapter in discussion page)

Advanced wizards, user-visibility and user-tailored functionalities

"My page" functionalities??

A link and wizard for interested new users / CoP-members that would help them "apply" for membership, i.e.
  • create a new (hidden still) CoO-member and/or user-page based on basic data they need to provide ("sign up")
  • send notification to admin@waterwiki.net
  • send a message to the applicant's specified e-mail saying e.g. "Thank you for signing up to WaterWiki. Your membership request has been sent to the WaterWiki Administrator; you will be informed via the e-mail address you provided, once your login has been approved".
  • once approved by the admin, send e-mail with "click here to confirm your e-mail / membership" or so..

Low-bandwidth solution(s)

text-only version
mirror-pages created automatically, e.g. when the server recognized (ping) that the connection capacity is low, and sends txt-only instead of the full HTML-version

Advanced "watch-this" and alert functionalities

  • E-mail alert functions (incl. daily/weekly/.. digest Emails) and/or when changes occur on specific pages / discussions -- simply add (another) check-box(es) besides the "watch this page"-box at bottom of the edit window?

server and "behind the scene" issues

  • Can we get rid of the "/index.php/" in the URL?

TABLES: Make creation and use easier

Seen by coincident on http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:WikiCategoryTagCloud
there are possibilities to use templates for table - see Sandbox_tables
How about adding new toolbar buttons for tables (Extra_edit_buttons). This can be done by changing MediaWiki:common.js. --Johanne 04:36, 8 October 2008 (CEST)

Dynamic Links and Content-transclusions from external platforms

Following a (prliminary) list of external webpages and on-line sources that WaterWiki could draw (dynamically) text/data from)


Investigate if and how to (e.g.)

pull data from the AQUASTAT database to be displayed (dynamically) in WW's country-pages


Get inspired

MediaWiki with similar (as it seems) challenges than we face -- and some nice solutions, like the template-boxes with related links..

Wikia's WaeterWiki
Commercialized Wiki, but nice extensions (rate it) and wizards ("Report a problem"; "New article"} and other user-guiding features

Category Cloud Extension
maybe there are also others {All in Category:TTag cloud extensions)??

Good solution to guide users creating new pages: Quick tutorial and link (button even) on each Category- or other "entry-page"

The Coastal Portal (encora)
integration of a (Media-) Wiki and other (I believe..) non-Wiki tools and databases

Potential (dynamic) sources of info

Euro-Mediterranean Information System on know-how in the Water sector
Not a Wiki, but some good resources like the Glossary (the above link) --> may help us identify/group additional info/knowledge types..
if possible (RSS) use as background source for info..

Water Info System for Europe
((still to be checked out..))

EECCA Environment Strategy Partnership Database
database with all (?) environmental projects ("partnerships") in the EECCA region
If RSS, selected info-functionalities like the statistics could be used to display data through WaterWiki-pages

FAO's aquastat
Standard database for water-info ...

Wikis and other platforms within the UN family / context

UNICEF's new Wiki projects
They spent a lot of bucks on nice Media-Wiki tweaks, extensions, etc. and are welcoming "copy-paste"
Source: Christopher Fabian -- met him at Web4Dev Nairobi 2007

Not a Wiki, but a couple of interesting features (Digg IT; Facebook; etc.)
Contact: Timothy La Rose -- met him at Web4Dev Nairobi 2007 conference

UNESCO Water-Portal
((...to be checked out still))
World Water Assessment Programme (UN-Water)
certainly a logic link-up opportunity, IF UN=Water has / will develop a somewhat more elaborated website...

UN Studies Portal
A new Wiki by the affiliated UN Studies Group

plone platform with info/knowledge on all GEF-IW projects --> close cross-linkage planned (ongoing discussion with [Mish Hamid])

other applications / platforms / web2.0-tools

Doing Business
Very neat way of using Google Map for stats on various countries -> Could we use a similar approach say for MDG indicators, status on WSS, water & healt, etc.?
--> Or even "List" all national projects in that way behind one sticker instead of creating individual stickers for each project (of which anyway 80% would stick in the capital) --> this could solve our "how to map area-based data like national projects" problem..?

to be used as user-managemem=nt / CoP-platform linked to Wiki-User and pages-functions?

Social networking software ...??




  • utilization / ownership status of [www.waterwiki.net]



Change existing TABLESEC-formated pages
  • Change all existing Report-pages (see the new template created on 26 March 2008 - NB: all report-pages created after that date should be according to the new layout already)
    • change "Type of report" into "Type" and move it down just below "Author"
    • change "Year published" into "Date"
    • add a new heading reading "ISBN/ISSN" just below "Date"
  • Change all existing organization-pages (see the new template created on 26 March 2008 - NB: all organization-pages created after that date should be according to the new layout already)
    • add a new title "Contact" after "Address"
  • Change all existing CoP-Member-pages (see the new template created on 26 March 2008 - NB: all pages created after that date should be according to the new layout already)
    • check if all contain "SKYPE" in the heading "Telephone / SKYPE"
  • Change all existing Contact-pages (see the new template created on 26 March 2008 - NB: all pages created after that date should be according to the new layout already)
    • replace the separate "Telephone" and "SKYPE" headings by a combined one ("Telephone / SKYPE")
  • convert all old "TABLESEC"-pages that contain

<nobr>-like code still into TABLESEC-pages (see e.g. Dialogue_on_Effective_Water_Governance)

  • IF POSSIBLE: add on each TABLESEC-styled page (and particularly the templates) an advisory text that is viewable in edit-mode only, saying something like "DON'T REMOVE THIS CODE-LINE OR CHANGE THE HEADINGS IN THE SECTION ABOVE" or so..

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