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Publication Title

Publication Type


Publication Date


Publication URL





Left-hand navigation


- Overview (What’s the issue?)
- About WaterWiki
- Help / tutorial
- RUSSIAN  ((-> leads to "_RU"-extension of each particular page))
- Community portal (??)
- Current events  (??)


- Projects / Initiatives
- Publications  ((Reports / Books / Papers / Periodicals / Websites))
- Who’s-who
- Organizations / Partnerships / Networks
- News ((from other sites via RSS - like on BioenergyWiki))
- Glossary
- Events (??)

Find knowledge (portals)

- By Country / Region
- By River Basins
- By Topic ((-> lead to list of summary pages))
- Article list (Topics / Experience Write-ups / “How to..”) ((-> leads to alphabetical list of ALL articles))
- Random page/article

Wiki-Search / Google
Google Search (??)

Share your knowledge (interact)

- Start new article
- Upload File
- Most wanted articles
- Open/recent discussions
- How to edit (here??)
- Contact us ((-> same link at "report a problem" leading to the dialog-box))


This article/page
- What links here
- Related changes
- Printable version
- Email this page/article
- RSS | atom
On WaterWiki
- Recent changes
- Special pages
- (Permanent link)
- (Cite this article)
- Report a problem / Suggestions ((-> would open an overlay-dialog box like on Wikia))

In-page features

Top Content

BOX with {drop-down menu} displaying a list of pages
{drop-down menu}
  • Top-rated pages
  • Most visited/popular
  • Most recently added
  • Most active authors / contributors
  • “Recommended by..” / Essential readings / Featured-lists

--> see basic idea on Wikia

"Interaction Box"

BOX with
Rate this article / page
*  *  *  *  *
Maybe also in this box:
  • "Send | Print | Syndicate"
  • Report a problem / send comments / suggestions

"Entry-pages" / portals

Main page


Main category (type): COUNTRY from template:Countries
NO additional categories ((??))
Elements / Chapters
see above

Automated lists of Items (Links)
COUNTRY-related projects
COUNTRY-related publications (reports | websites | ..)
COUNTRY-related Articles (experiences | genuine articles | ..)
COUNTRY-related Contacts (CoP-members | Organizations | ..)

--> Also Sub-regional pages in the same way?

River Basin-pages

Main category (type): RIVER BASIN from template:River Basins
Additional categories (tag-cloud): COUNTRY
Elements / Chapters
see above

Automated lists of Items (Links)
COUNTRY-related projects
COUNTRY-related publications (reports | websites | ..)
COUNTRY-related Articles (experiences | genuine articles | ..)
COUNTRY-related Contacts (CoP-members | Organizations | ..)

--> Original source of data from UNECE River Basin Assessment with a PROMINENT LINK TO ORIGINAL SOURCE: colored box/link with a statement like "based on the River Basin Assessment 2007, courtesy by UNECE")

CoP-member list

(automated page)

  • alphabetical
  • by organization (manual listing)

Article-list (by sub-category?)

(automated page)

All-Publications (by sub-category?)

(automated page)

  • alphabetical
  • by "sub-category" following the template:Articles
  • by topic? (would need to be a manual chapter-list, else it should also be displayed automatically on each topic-page with the same/similar tag


Project pages

main category (type): Project
Additional categories (tag-cloud): COUNTRY/-IES | BASIN |

Each project page consists basically of 2 main parts:

  1. Basic info organized in a box (in special font or back-color)
  2. The "knowledge/experience/content"-part (= true Wiki-part)
1. Basic info
Basically what was there on WaterWiki 1 - except for the "lessons Learned" - with changed "filed" to be in line with the new RBEC website project-CMS structure.
The idea is to be able to link this to the CMS- (or its replacement) project-database via RSS-feed
Main elements:
- Short Title (for display in the Google-map)
- Geographical focus ((generated automatically from the tag(s)))
- Lead organization
- Partner(s)
- Budget
- Co-funding Sources ((table as in the CMS possible??))
- Duration
- Status
- Short description
- Objectives; Situation Analysis; Strategy; (Expected) Results / Outcome; Major activities ((can this be shortened??))
- Contact(s) ((links to CoP-members and lists 'outsiders')

2. Knowledge / Experience part
This would follow the above "descriptors"-part and be in straight-forward Wiki-formating (i.e. without any formating, easy to find by potential contributors.
Main elements:
- Resources and materials ((incl. what's now in "URL" / "background materials" / etc. AS WELL AS the uploaded files))
- Lessons Learned

Publication pages (incl. Reports / Books / Papers / Periodicals / Websites / Conventions / Data / etc.)

main category (type): Template:Publications
Publications edit
Books and Periodicals | Position papers | Reports | Websites |
Mirror-publications | Scientific papers | Category:Tool
Additional categories (tag-cloud): COUNTRY | BASIN | TOPIC |

Each publication page consists basically of 2 main parts:

  1. Basic info organized in a box (in special font or back-color)
  2. The "knowledge/experience/content"-part (= true Wiki-part)
1. Basic info
Basically what was there on WaterWiki 1, except for the "decription"-part
The idea is to keep up the option be able at one point to link this to an (external) database that provides basic info via RSS-feed
Main elements:
- Full Title and sub-titles
- Author(s) ((as links to existing WaterWiki-entries))
- Publication date
- ISBN ((there's a neat function on Wikipedia that automatically generates ISBN-links and functionalities))
- Geographical focus ((generated automatically from the tag(s)))
- Type of Publication ((generated automatically from the tag(s)))

2. Knowledge / Experience part
space for additional info and people's knowledge / opinions / comments
- Short title (for display in other pages and/or on the Google-map??)
- Synopsis / Short description
- Table of content
- Reviews / opinions / comments ((just like on amazon  ;-) ))
--> OR: or full-featured content (e.g. the UNECE river basin inventory/assessment), the full text will be copy-pasted here

The current "" will be transformed into 'Publications' OR their content (=links to reports, networks, etc.) merged into the reports navigation page

CoP-member pages ((maybe better as sub-category to 'Contacts'?))

main category (type): CoP-member


Additional categories (tag-cloud): COUNTRY | BASIN | TOPIC |

Analogue to project and publication-pages, CoP-member-pages consist basically of 2 main parts:

  1. Basic info organized in a box (in special font or back-color)
  2. The "knowledge/experience/content"-part (= true Wiki-part)


main category (type): Template:Contacts


Additional categories (tag-cloud): COUNTRY | BASIN | TOPIC | ...

Organization | Initiatives/Partnerships | Networks | Expert/Consultant |

Events-pages (upcoming and past??)

main category (type): Template:Event
Additional categories (tag-cloud): COUNTRY | BASIN | TOPIC | ORGANIZATION | ...

2nd priority for the time being. The basic idea could follow the example on BioenergyWiki. Challenge is how (who) to update it; how to move 'past events' to another location, etc. Should definitely be tightly linked to major proceedings of the events, write-ups (BTORs) of the participants, list of materials, related pages (knowledge on WaterWiki), etc to make this valuable - rather than to try providing a simple on-line events calendar.

(True) Wiki-Articles (Content & on-line collaboration pages)

Genuine Topic-articles (also serve as substantive portals in the 2nd part)

main category (type): Template:Articles (sub-categories: Experience | "How-to.." | Case studies | Lessons notes |


Additional categories (tag-cloud): TOPIC | COUNTRY | BASIN | "work in progress" (now "UNDER CONSTRUCTION")

Each Article page consists of 2 main parts:

  1. the "true Wiki-part" (free Wikipedia-style structure)
  2. "Related content"-part

1. Main article-body
Wikipedia-style article allowing anyone to collaborate

2. "Related content"-part(s)
automatically generated lists of Single-item-pages and other content at the bottom or in boxes of this page, using tags and/or manual keywords
Links to:
key resource people (CoP-members and contacts)
key resource organizations
related articles

Case Study-pages (now tagged "Experience" and called "Experience/Write-ups"

Main category (type): Case Study
Additional categories (tag-cloud): COUNTRY | BASIN | TOPIC | ...?

This is a sub-category of template:Articles - SEE ALSO ABOVE

Basic structure

  1. Title, Short Description, Identifiers
    1. Project/Initiative
    2. Synopsis / Summary
    3. Location of Experience
    4. UNDP's / Partner's Role
    5. Timeframe & Status
    6. Contact
  2. The Problem (Need for Action)
    1. Background
    2. Goal and Objectives
  3. The Solution (Description of Action Taken)
    1. WHAT
    2. WHO
    3. WHERE
    4. WHEN
    5. HOW
  4. The Analysis (Results and Lessons Learned)
    1. Main Results
    2. Lessons Learned & Replication
    3. Testimonies, Opinions, Validation (Reality Check)
    4. Outlook (Conclusions and Next Steps)
  5. References, Sources, and Further Information
    1. Interviewees and Key Contacts
    2. Sorce Documents, References, Cross-Links, and Further Readings
  6. See also..
    1. .. Other Experiences, Projects, Reports, Resources on WaterWiki
    2. External Resources an Further Readings
  7. Attachments

Glossary-pages (definitions, glossary, brief descriptions)

main category (type): Template:Glossary
edit Glossary
Concepts | Definitions | Abbreviations
Additional categories (tag-cloud): none

Each Glossary-article consists of 2 main parts:

  1. the definition / description part
  2. additional info/knowledge/comments/links, as applicable

1. Definition / description part
One-sentence (or just very short) description or dfinition of the term/sentence/acronym in question
This content will be used to create pop-ups on dotted-line-links ion the text of other articles/pages, as well as possibly export RSS-feeds to wherever it suits..

2. Further info
- Synonyms (i.e. redirect-pages)
- Related issues /
- External references (links)


See also

External Resources


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