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Part I - Making the Most of the Water Wiki

The Water Wiki Toolkit is divided into two parts. The first part is an outline for water governance practitioners in UNDP's regional community of practice in Europe and the CIS region. It supports the continued development of the Water Wiki as a regional "bottom up" knowledge management platform for water governance. NOTE: please see separate word file with notes from PK about this suggested addition. LIST CONTENTS of "Making the Most of the Water Wiki", in outline form. e.g.

    1. Consolidating Resources in Water Wiki
    2. Continuing Knowledge Access Interviews on Water Governance
    3. Collaborative Knowledge Product Development in Water Wiki
    4. "So you need to find ..." - Using the Water Wiki as a Research Tool
    5. Contributing to Water Wiki - Being an Active CoP Member and Knowledge Agent

Looking Ahead: What's needed / planned for WaterWiki to grow

WaterWiki Toolkit/Next Steps - Ideas and what's in the make from a substantial point of view (bringiung the WaterWiki into higher spheres!!)

Outstanding development issues - Task list for bugs to be fixed, development issues to be addresed (from a technical viewpoint)

Part II - Replicating the Wiki Project - for Other Practices and Sub-Practices

This part of the Toolkit outlines how to replicate the Wiki project elsewhere. The open-source nature of the wiki software supports ownership of knowledge management by practitioners in a community of practice. The initiative that produced the Water Wiki was managed from the beginning as a pilot of high potential interest to other practices and sub-practices. Guidance to adapt and replicate the pilot is found here (UNDER CONTRUCTION). LIST CONTENTS of "Replicating the Wiki Project", in outline form.

Main Sections of the Water Wiki Toolkit - Sourcebook for Replication

The Process Step-by-Step (Anna) (and implications for the intern/research assistant function)

Substantive (Juerg)(and implications for the policy advisor / lead content function)

Knowledge Management (Andrea) (and implications for the knowledge management function)

Technical Aspects (Mikel) (and implications for the technical support function)

Status of the On-line Toolkit Outline

This outline is a working version being read and revised on-line in the Water Wiki. This further explores the potential of the wiki software to support collaborative development of documents and knowledge products. Some questions have been included in each section to guide the writing process. The pilot team members are asked to add questions and make suggestions, plus provide feedback as the text develops.

Links and Resources

 Community of Practice Architecture for KM.doc

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