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What is a Wiki in general ?

See also: Wikipedia

Watch Jimmy Wales
Talk about the beginning of Wikipedia

(Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQR0gx0QBZ4)

What's the difference to other websites ?

Every single page is editable by logged in users

A Wiki is particularly suited to collaboration among peers in networks and communities of practice. Think of it as a large black board, where all users are given chalk and sponges to start writing up, or edit existing text. Wikipedia, the famous online collaborative encyclopedia with the humble vision "to capture the world's knowledge" is perhaps the best known Wiki-project; tenthousends of users are working constantly and jointly on millions of articles/pages/entries.

No single organization or person "controls" the content

Quality control is achieved through "peer control": contributors or editors can easily be recognized with full name and affiliation, and the direct attribution to what users put up makes people think twice before posting.

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