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Below is a list of all UNESCO PCCP case studies documented on WaterWiki.


UNESCO PCCP Case Studies

  1. Co-operation on the Lake Titicaca
  2. International Managment in the Columbia River System
  3. Jordan Case Study
  4. Lessons on Cooperation Building to Manage Water Conflicts in the Aral Sea Basin
  5. Mekong Case Study
  6. Rhine Case Study
  7. Sharing the Incomati Waters: Cooperation and Competition in the Balance
  8. The Case of the Trifinio Plan in the Upper Lempa: Opportunities and Challenges for the Shared Management of Central American Transnational Basins
  9. The Nile: Moving Beyond Cooperation
  10. Water Conflict and Cooperation/Aral Sea Basin
  11. Water Conflict and Cooperation/Columbia River System
  12. Water Conflict and Cooperation/Incomati River Basin
  13. Water Conflict and Cooperation/Jordan River Basin Part I
  14. Water Conflict and Cooperation/Jordan River Basin Part II
  15. Water Conflict and Cooperation/Lake Titicaca Basin
  16. Water Conflict and Cooperation/Lempa River Basin
  17. Water Conflict and Cooperation/Mekong River Basin
  18. Water Conflict and Cooperation/Nile River Basin
  19. Water Conflict and Cooperation/Rhine River Basin


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