Water Facts and Trends

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Water Facts and Trends

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March 2006


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Abstract/Executive Summary

The WBCSD Water and Sustainable Development Program aims to enhance awareness in the business community of critical water issues while actively promoting mutual understanding between business and non-business stakeholders. Engaging leading companies representing a broad spectrum of activity, the current program is focused on the role of business in sustainable water management and on strengthening the foundation for effective business action.

Member companies of the WBCSD believe that dialogue with other stakeholders is one of the keys to successfully navigating the future. Their Water Working Group has therefore launched a scenario planning process, with the participation of nonbusiness stakeholders, to develop alternative narratives on how water issues might evolve over the next 20 to 25 years. The project is examining the influence of water-related issues on social, economic and environmental development and exploring the roles business can play in shaping appropriate actions and outcomes.

This working document provides an overview of some basic facts and societal challenges related to water. It has been developed by the WBCSD secretariat and is intended to support the ongoing dialogue within the WBCSD membership and with other stakeholders in civil society and government. The emphasis in this initial document is on water availability and people’s use of water for agricultural, industrial and domestic purposes. The scenario planning process will provide opportunities to supplement this work with consideration of other key issues.


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