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Project ID

UNDP ID 00036368

Project Title

Water for Srebrenica Project


Water Supply and Sanitation

Focus Areas

Geographic Scope

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Srebrenica region (Municipality of Srebrenica), Europe & CIS

Lead Organization(s)

UNDP and Government of the Netherlands

Project Partners



Total: EUR 598,069.60;

Sources of Financing: Government of the Netherlands


2007 - 2009



Project website(s)



Goran Vukmir (mailto:goran.vukmir@undp.ba), Environment Portfolio Manager / EFP



The goal of this project is to provide a long-term solution for the constant supply of potable water in Srebrenica town. This will be achieved through:

  • Technical assistance provided to the utility company "Polet";
  • Reconstruction of the water distribution network; and
  • Instalment of water meters allowing the introduction of a new billing system.

Within this project, UNDP/SRRP intends to respond to the needs of the Srebrenica town community in terms of constant potable water supply. The Srebrenica water and waste disposal utility company, “POLET" is currently facing obstacles for the continuous treatment and supply of potable water in Srebrenica. The response defined within this proposal will provide a sustainable solution to these obstacles.

The project approach is to first resolve the structural problems of the water and waste removal utility company through the provision of technical assistance to the utility company. The technical assistance will allow the introduction of new billing and fee perception systems. The second part of the project will include repairs to the network and instalment of water meters.

Expected Outcomes

Achievements: Results and Impact

Lessons for Replication



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