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Welcome to WaterWiki.net - The Wiki for Water Professionals worldwide.

Find water & sanitation related materials, knowledge and experience from UN practitioners, agencies and their programs around the globe - and contribute your own! (more..)
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July 28th 2010 - UN General Assembly passes Resolution 64/292 recognising The Human Right to Water
The 2010 report of the UN-Water Global Annual Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking Water, led by WHO, has been launched April 21 2010.
The WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation (JMP) latest report entitled "Progress on sanitation and drinking-water – 2010 update", released March 15 2010.
See video-episodes from the Stockholm World Water Week 2009 on The Watercube.tv
UNDP's new and inspiring HRBA to Improving Water Governance in Europe and CIS programme
information updated with initial results from scoping missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia and Tajikistan and Full Country Sector Assessments and project documents
60+ Case Studies on WaterWiki now:

Thomas Bjelkeman-Petterson and Juerg Staudenmann
about the collaboration potential for akvo.org and WaterWiki.net - interview by Nick Dickinson at the Stockholm World Water Week 2009 (read more on IRC's news pages)
Water Basin Maps detailing various characteristics of the world's river basins
Case Studies of the recently launched United Nations World Water Development Report 3
Many new and updated articles on Water Conflict and Cooperation
based on UNESCO-IHP's PCCP work
New functions & overall appearance
WaterWiki.net has just been relaunched after months of upgrading and expansion: WaterWiki is now global! and encompasses more than just UNDP knowledge (see the current list of partners).
Besides the new look and feel, you will find many new features that we hope will help you find - and contribute - knowledge on your preferres topic much easier.
(Interested in the WaterWiki-Project? Feel free to peek behind the scene)
New water and sanitation specific Country Profiles
providing facts and figures about a country's water sector etc (region and water basin profiles coming very soon!)
UNDP-GEF IW Report 2007/08
now online with complete list of all UNDP-GEF IW projects.
WHO Lexicon terms
now integrated into WaterWiki, providing you with official definitions and the opportunity to suggest alternatives!
The most prominent Water-related Legislation and Conventions
Find out who has signed them and their status of ratification!
ALL 300+ UNDP Water projects uploaded
Those of other UN agencies forthcoming...
UN-Water Task Force on Country-Level Coordination
Outcomes and materials available, together with the first Country Report

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Articles with embedded videos
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World Water Day 2009 website
now online
World Water Day 2009 on Transboundary Waters
Browse all WaterWiki resources on Transboundary water issues
UNDP-Coca Cola "Every Drop Matters" partnership brings the famous H2O=Water Exhibition to the 2009 World Water Forum, Istanbul


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