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This article analyzes the Wikispace software



  1. Is a wiki
  2. Has a discussion board feature
  3. Allows one to embed videos from YouTube, Google, and Yahoo videos, Google and AirSet calendars,and some podcasts
  4. Allows email notifications and RSS feeds
  5. Has saved Drafts and Autosave - So one does not lose one's work because of a browser crash. Also, if one is not ready to make a change live, one can save one's progress to continue later.
  6. Allows for better design since it has fancier design options such as 'Image Alignment and Links' - Greater control of image placement, including floating text around the image, centering images, and making images link to other pages or URLs; 'Look and Fee' - allows one to change the colour, background, skin of a page
  7. The owners of Wikispace take care of hosting, backups, and upgrades for every Wikispace Account so one does not have to worry about the technical aspect at all
  8. The customer service of Wikispace has gotten good reviews on the Wikispace homepage ===> A good customer service (its free) makes using the tool much easier


  1. Is not free. For the kind of features required by a UNDP KM tool (such as protected editing, larger server space, custom domain name etc) one needs to pay US$ 100 / month for this service
  2. Some of the added features such as email notifications, RSS feeds, embedding videos in the text might be available in higher versions of MediaWiki or can be easily added as plugins (Anjesh: Pl confirm this? Is this possible? What about discussion forums? Can we have discussion forums in MediaWiki?
  3. MediaWiki is a better-known, more popular software.


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