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Learning games are games used to motivate students to learn about something. They can have different formats, such as a crosswork, a quiz, a gap-filling exercise. They can also be very interactive, like the virtual games where users are invited to take another identity and interact with other users online, going through several different situations, solving tasks and so on. One of the most important aspects of a game is its interactivity. The most simple ones allow learners to interact with content in different ways, accessing hints to help them with a task, going back and forward to revise, and they can also score users' work.

The most sophisticated games allow learners to interact with other learners in different and complex worlds, developing users' ability to understand and deal with complexity. This preparers learners to face the challengings of our so fastly changeable and interconnected socio-political world and its interaction with the natural environment.

-> Learn more about On-Line Learning games in general.

Our example of a LEARNING GAME

During the E-Moderator Course we had the opportunity to collaborate on the creation of simple learning games.

As the main aim of the exercise was to collaborate online in a moderated group process and the result was not the most important aspect, we chose a very simple program to make games. We used Hot Potatoes 6.0.

-> Learn more about Hot Potatoes and access downloadables.

-> Find our learning games here: E-Mod Course LearnGame.

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