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Active WaterWiki Workspaces

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Discussions (on-going and past)

Workspace:Protocol on Water and Health
New legally binding protocol for SEE and EECCA countries with potential programming opporrunities for UNDP (and partners)

UNDP Partnership with SNS Bank - A concrete (joint RBEC & BDP) pilot project to make Public-Private Partnerships in the Water Sector reality...

UNDP Partnership with Coca-Cola - Cooperation in the area of Access to Safe Drinking Water, Cleaner Production and Youth mobilization (see also Public-Private Partnerships in the Water Sector)

Drafting a Regional Water Strategy for Europe & CIS - A corporate approach to assess UNDP's opportunities for water-related activity in the region.

RBEC Water Governance CoP - The workspace for RBEC's Water Community of Practice: Contacts, developments, space for development of (crazy) ideas, suggestions etc. etc.

WaterWiki Toolkit (under construction!) - Experiences from developing the WaterWiki and the Pilot Project on Knowledge Management in Water Governance

GEF IW (coming soon)- Workspace for information and coordination among Global Environment Facility (GEF) International Waters (IW) projects, as created by Dann Sklarew of the GEF's UNDP co-implemented International Waters:LEARN project.

Workspace/EE-CoP-Meeting 2006 - topics, participants, logistics for upcoming Energy & Evenironment regional Community of Practice Meeting (Oct/Nov 06)

Workspace - "Strengthening the Water Governance Sub-Practice in RBEC": BRC Strategy & Work Plan

Communications Planning Guide for International Waters Projects - Communicating for Results

Links to External Workspaces

UNDP/BDP E&E-Water Governance Workspace (Login required)

UNDP/GEF International Waters Workspace (Login required)

Completed Workspaces

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