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NGO Zhalgas-Counterpart, Zhandosov-str.36, Almaty, 050057 / Kazakhstan

Telephone +7-3272-740025, +7-3272-501950ext.113 / Fax:+7-3272-501949

E-mail gulnar@cpart.kz

Contact Person Gulnar Daniyarova

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Zhalgas-Counterpart is the Civil Society Support Centre in Almaty. Its activity areas are - 4 southern regions of Republic of Kazakhstan: Almaty oblast, Zhambyl oblast, Southern Kazakhstan oblast, Kzyl-Orda oblast. Zhalgas-Counterpart realized a number of projects in these regions. Zhalgas Counterpart occupies steady niche in realization of the projects aimed on involving a public participation in management processes. Particularly we worked on OSCE project related with creation of the International Commission, we are carried out the researches focus groups in Zhambyl region, which have allowed revealing urgent problems of inhabitants, connected with water usage. Now Zhalgas-Counterpart within the framework of the small grants program GEF/UNDP carries out consultations, monitoring and estimation of the projects of NGOs in Zhambyl oblast, concerned with the improvement of ecological situation. Also within the framework of this program is planned the research on creation of water protection zone in Zhambyl region. Zhalgas Counterpart has lead the international conference "Participation of a public in water resources management on the Chui and Talass rivers" in February, 2006. On which representatives of official bodies and NGO from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and the Estonian partners have presented the plans aimed on increase of a public participation in management process. Zhalgas Counterpart is the member Chui-Talass Basin Council –body, which is called to provide public participation in water management. Strength side of Zhalgas Counterpart is the adjusted communications with state bodies in Zhambyl region, ecological departments, the presence of the partners in CIS and Europe, which work in this sphere.

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